Fu Xinbo Ying Er Balinese happy wedding's four-year-old's less good now

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Fu Xinbo and Ying Er are happy marriages in Bali, and the scene is full of happiness. Fu Xinbo is the scene of Ying Er - I will keep you alive, the scene is very warm, and when you look at the picture, you will find a deep love. Ma Ke , Hu Xia , Dong Dali, and Zhou Mi (singer) formed the fuss group of Fu Xinbo, while Ying Er's bridesmaids consist of Guo Bichen, Fiona Sit , Shen Mengchen, and Sago soup . Among them, the combination of the best-worship team has caused heated discussions among netizens. For example, what happened between Fu Xinbo and Jing Boran , who were debuted together, and why the best-loving group of Fu Xinbo was not Jing Boran. The four cities in the past were very good today. How are they?




Fu Xinbo, Li Yifeng , Qiao Renliang , and Jing Boran, who participated in the “ Fighting for Good Men” in 2007, have enjoyed high popularity and have been called “Four City Fewer” by fans. In recent years, Fu Xinbo has not only been successful in his career, but he and Ying Er have also been happy to be married in Bali. Both of them have also reaped the crystallization of love - daughter. Today's Fu Xinbo is a double harvest of love.



Li Yifeng, who won the eighth place in the “Refueling, Good Men” competition in 2007, officially debuted. In recent years, the popularity of Li Yifeng has skyrocketed and it has increased in popularity. Li Yifeng has participated in numerous films and TV series. As Li Yifeng perfectly interprets the characters in the play, his figure appears on the stage of various awards as well as on foreign stage and has won numerous honors. Well- known dramas and movies such as " Swords of Legends ", " Mr.Six ", " Qingyun Zhi ", " FallInLoveLikeAStar " and so on. Li Yifeng not only played on the stage of the actor, but also made achievements in singing and released an album. Li Yifeng's career can be described as rousing rain and flourishing flowers, but her emotional life has been confusing, and her rumored girlfriends are numerous, such as Wu Xin and Qin Li . Where does Li Yifeng eventually return, and time will tell us the answer.



Qiao Renliang, debuted as a singer in 2007. Qiao Renliang has released many albums, such as " New Meijian ", "I", "Qiao Renliang" and so on. Although Qiao Renliang made his debut as a singer, he also performed a lot of television shows and his acting skills were recognized by the audience. His dramas include "The Gorgeous Adventures of Fairy Tale", " Loves Coming " and many more. Qiao Renliang’s reality show “ Weareinlove ” has collected countless powders. However, it is deplorable that Qiao Renliang passed away in Shanghai in 2016, which frustrated many fans.


Jing Boran won the championship in “Come on, Good Men” and officially entered the entertainment circle. In the beginning, Jing Boran formed a "Bobo Gan" combination with Fu Xinbo and released numerous albums with numerous fans. In recent years, Jing Boran has been playing an active role in the performing arts. He has participated in many television and movies, such as the well-known " MonsterHunt ", which has enriched him and earned him many awards for his outstanding performance. The relationship between Jing Boran and Ni Ni is also well-known. The two men and women will occasionally send a wave of dog food to the majority of netizens. I do not know when the two will get married. Let us wait quietly!



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