Beauty and poisonous edge of the bar Joe Chan wine drive Qiao Renliang depression Jiarong Lv injured

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In recent years, Qiao Renliang has committed depression and suicide, Joe Chan has been drunk, Jiarong Lv has been injured in the filming, and the popular TV series “ Fairview edge gorgeous adventure ” in the Republic of China has created a number of incidents that have caused many netizens to ridicule: “Is this drama right? Poisonous, how did the actors in the drama come out one after another?"

The TV series “Fairview edge gorgeous adventure” was adapted from the novel “Fairy Tattooed Edge,” which was produced by Xiaoying Huang Studios, produced by Xiaoying Huang Studios, directed by Helong Lin , a well-known Taiwanese director, Xiaoming Huang, Joe Chan, Qiao Renliang, and Jiarong Lv. A starring drama of the Republic of China. On March 3, 2015, the drama landed on the nationwide premiere of Hunan Satellite TV's Golden Eagle Broadcasting Theatre. It ranked second in national TV ratings in the first half of 2015 and was sold to the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.

Such popular movies and television dramas have caused the popularity of Xiaoming Huang and Joe Chan, and Qiao Renliang and Jiarong Lv have burst out. However, the drama hasn't passed long before. In the drama, they played Qiao Renliang, an actor from Yingdong, in September 2016. On the evening of the 16th, due to depression, the Qiao Renliang memorial service was held in Shanghai on September 22 of the same year.

Immediately afterwards, on January 4th, 2018, Joe Chan, who acted as the heroine of the heroine in the play, was arrested and drunk in Taipei. He was arrested and drove around 9 o'clock. He was masked by the Da'an branch and transferred to Chinese Taipei in accordance with public danger. The prosecutor's office, Joe Chan, who walked out of the police station, was pale and gray with a baseball cap. He only apologized for saying "I'm sorry." He rode his car off under the protection of the staff. After the news came out, he caused confusion. Joe Chan Also made an apology on Twitter at the first time.

At the same time, Jiarong Lv, the actor who played Yin Mingzhu in the play, was injured in the shooting of the new drama. In the exposed image, Jiarong Lv had a scar on his neck, and he could see the flesh and blood at the wound. He looked very horrified. Afraid to scare others, Jiarong Lv usually wears turtleneck sweaters to block the surface, showing no pain.

After this series of incidents, many netizens have left a message: “After the flames of the Jinxiuyuan, the actors in the play all began to be unlucky. First, Qiao Renliang was depressed and suicidal. After that, Joe Chan drunk the driver and was checked by Jiarong Lv. With such a heavy injury, is the play poisonous?

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