Monster Hunt(Movie)[2015]
《Monster Hunt》(Movie)[2015]
Monster Hunt(Movie)[2015]

Monster Hunt (Movie)[2015]

Area: China | Hong Kong Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2015
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Costume

《Monster Hunt》Episodes

Meng Yao pregnant after giving birth unexpectedly, in order to protect the "son", together with the heavenly master against demon world's story. Long ago, people co-exist with all things, including demon. But people want to dominate the world, so people declare war on the bull, they rushed into the mountains Daze, from demon and demon rule. One day, Zhu Gao and Pang Ying, dressed as human beings, came to Yongning Village in order to protect the demon with the demon king from evading the killing of the blood demon. They encountered a good day, Qian Tianshi Xiaolan and four money with Heavenly Master counter Luo Gang. Sky Yin witnessed the shemale, it was shocked to find a demon existence. After the demon in order to keep the demon king, decided to entrust it to the sky shade, apart from anything else to the belly of the egg into the shade of the mouth, the man of the husband of heaven since then with the demon to become "pregnant." Golden reward demon king reward. Xiaolan in order to get the bounty, hard pulled never left Yongning village day shade, to avoid Luo Gang's competition, leaving Yongning village started a fantastic journey en route, encountered Pride shop proprietress, a cook Yao, a pair of Meng Yao Various characters. The birth of the lovely demon king Hu Ba made a wonderful change in the relationship between Tia Yam and Xiao Lan, as well as revealing a major secret.

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