Ying Er Fu Xinbo married more than 6,000 companions? The Bobo Chan combination can't go back anymore!

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Ying Er and Fu Xinbo have been in love with each other for three years now. They also gave birth to their daughters in February of this year. Their two-person world has been upgraded to a family of three. The bridesmaids are composed of Ying Er's girlfriends Bea Hayden , Shen Mengchen , Fiona Sit , and Sago soup . Ying Er's Weibo also poses for a photo with Bea Hayden. Prompting Bea Hayden: It's good to have you.


In the afternoon of today (May 15th), the actor Fu Xinbo and Ying Er’s wedding will be held in Bali. To prepare for the wedding, they arrived at their destination on the 12th. In the early hours of this morning, media from across the country have also arrived one after another. Bali, and this in order to meet everyone, also exposed the couple to prepare more than 6,000 of value for everyone Souvenir --- - time window grilles brooch and perfume.



It is reported that the wedding theme of Fu Xinbo and Ying Er this time is A Dream. The main color is cherry blossom powder. The Della Wu and bamboo pole prints are also specially designed on gifts to symbolize love, affection, and friendship. People's side, but today is also the daughter of the small moon full 100 days, the couple is also very carefully prepared for the daughter of a hundred-day feast, and for the first time out of the positive photo of her daughter, the family happy.



On the evening of the 14th, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er held a “hundred-day feast” for their daughter in Bali. At the scene, the two shared their daughter's growing up with family and friends, and for the first time disclosed her daughter's name “little moon”, which means that the moon is bright and beautiful.


On the day of the wedding, Ying Er and Fu Xinbo first wore a Chinese dress for the family. During the wedding, the best team was also asked to do push-ups.



Fu Xinbo took the family and shouted to Ying Er: "I'll keep you all my life!" Although today's girls don't need people to support them any longer, this statement is most touching in men's commitment to women! Blessings!




On the day of Fu Xinbo's great rejoicing, Jing Boran was brought up again by netizens because he did not show up and did not send blessings. The two were once the reddish idol men's team in 2007, but they soon developed solo. From 11 years onwards, the two have never been in the same frame or attend the event at the same time. It seems that the Bobo Chan combination is never going back! Those who are no longer in touch now have their own lives. No matter who is right or wrong, in the past they would not mention them again. They can only hope to be safe.



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