Swords of Legends(Movie)[2016]
《Swords of Legends》(Movie)[2016]
Swords of Legends(Movie)[2016]

Swords of Legends (Movie)[2016]

Area: China Language: Mandarin
Stars: Release data: 2016
Director: Writer:
Producer: Genre: Love | Fantasy | Martial arts

《Swords of Legends》Episodes

Of the youth carrying the genocide of the tragic disaster, as well as an accompanying with him the ancient fierce sword "", after the elders of the sword were saved and adopted, lost memory of Han Yunxi to "slaughter ghost gas, revive the soul," the intention to rename to. Years later, Tu Suin was forced to leave Shimen by an inexplicable injustice, traveling around the world. In search of a solution to the problem of incineration and evil spirits, Tu Su met one of his best friends, a girl from You, a second son of Fang Family, a half-demon and a half-demon friend, searching for, , Tu Su experienced untold hardships, demon evil, although several insurance was lonely loses its essence, fortunate and by virtue of pure heart and strong will, and in the sunny snow Lansheng and other friends, again and again to defeat Dangerous sword sword against the erosion. However, after numerous ups and downs, Tu Suheran found OuyangShaoGong, the most beloved friend who trusted and trusted him, actually behind the scenes. In order to prevent the shameful conspiracy of Shao Gong, Tu Suhe was able to resolve his fierce sword and sacrifice his spirit of fear and sacrifice to fight a deadly war. Eventually all the joys and ashes. And hope and future, in this fiery.

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