Universal CP Queen Jiarong Lv is well equipped with Elvis Han Qiao Renliang Tianyu Ma Michael Chan

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Recently, Jiarong Lv , who bursts into the red on content, was nicknamed "Queen of the world's best queen" by the netizens because he was in no conflict with the actors in the play. He was full of a strong sense of CP, such as in the drama " Great scenery " and " If life meets you , Live more and more energetic , Fairview edge gorgeous adventure , Luck and happiness and Dennis, Wu, Elvis Han , Yung Henry Yu , KIMI Qiao Renliang , Tianyu Ma , Michael Chan , etc. It is a full sense of CP, very good match.

 Great scenery

Jiarong Lv Dennis . Wu "Great scenery" group "the most outward-looking CP"

In the drama "Great scenery" which is currently on the air, Jiarong Lv plays "the most beautiful sister" Ning Xin and Dennis Wu plays the Zhao Dan Bridge in the play. They form "the most outward-looking CP" in the play. The play has had a strong social response since it started broadcasting on Anhui TV. The popularity of hot topics such as “Affluence”, “Bread or Love” has continued unabated, and Jiarong Lv has thus become a red dot in its content.

Jiarong Lv Elvis Han "If life meets you" group "The Most Republican CP"

In the popular drama "If life meets you", Jiarong Lv plays Jiang Zuozhuo Hongyu and Elvis Han plays Yi Zuopei's third public libretto. Both play in the drama. Is to love to give all the loved ones, in the troubled world, although they have love but have been sympathetic to each other, support each other, 闵 闵 玉 is the confidante confidante, Yi Lian 恺 is one of the few who can understand 闵 闵, the most republic of China The CP is full.

 Fairview edge gorgeous adventure

Jiarong Lv Qiao Renliang "Fairview edge gorgeous adventure" group "The Most Sad Heart CP"

Earlier, Jiarong Lv and KIMI Qiao Renliang used to play in the hit drama “Fairview edge gorgeous adventure” and “Most Heartfelt CP”. They touched countless netizens. Qiao Renliang played Ying Dong and Jiarong Lv played Yin Mingzhu . As the first beauty on the beach, Yin Mingzhu was born in a difficult world, but at the same time he was given the love of Kwan-Ho Tse who was the richest man on the beach to Hanchuan, and brothers of his brother Ying Shao (Qiao Renliang). Love is also a major attraction of the play.

Jiarong Lv and Tianyu Ma, Michael Chan "Luck and happiness" group "Contrast-enhancement CP"

In the TV series “Luck and happiness”, Jiarong Lv and Tianyu Ma and Michael Chan formed a “contrast-enhancement CP.” In the drama, Jiarong Lv plays the beauty boss Xie Qiqi, and Tianyu Ma plays the staunch “non-maritalist He Mu. Michael Chan plays a trustworthy good brother Ho, in which Jiarong Lv loves Michael Chan silently and Tianyu Ma silently guards Jiarong Lv. The pure feelings between the three people are heartwarming.

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