Fu Xinbo Ying Er Bali Marriage Why Many Stars Choose Bali Marriage

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Fu Xinbo Ying Er Bali Wedding Why Many Stars Choose Bali to Marry

On May 15, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er will hold a wedding in Bali. The wedding ceremony took place on the spot, Fu Xinbo kissed Ying Er sweetly, and the best-of-the-wife bridesmaids made their debut. Are they high in value?


The name of Bali should be no stranger to it. Many stars are holding weddings here. Why did many stars choose to hold their wedding in Bali?

1, near distance, visa-free, convenient

Bali in Indonesia is very close to our country. Moreover, Bali is exempt from visas for Chinese citizens. Just holding a passport and buying a plane ticket, you can come and go on a trip. For stars, because of their many schedules, time is more valuable than money. Therefore, it is a good choice for Bali, which has a flight-free visa.


2, language, communication barriers

Bali is a tourist destination, so it is visited by foreign tourists all the year round. There are many English speakers here, and in recent years, the number of Chinese tourists to Bali has increased year by year. There are more and more practitioners who speak Chinese in this industry and language is not a big problem.


3. Multiple choices of hotels and resorts

There are many hotels and resorts in Bali that are suitable for weddings. These hotels and resorts not only have the most beautiful scenery in Bali, but also give people the illusion of entering a dream. At the same time the hotel's wedding service is very good, which has become an important reason why many celebrities choose to marry in Bali.


4, natural scenery, rich cultural landscape

Bali is known as the "island of paradise" and "flower island." On the island, not only are flowers blossoming all year round, trees are shaded, but also the most beautiful beaches in the world are like fairyland on earth. As the island of Thousand Temples, Bali is full of temples and the gods are blessed. So there is a legend in Bali: If you get married in Bali, honeymoon will get the witness and blessing of the gods.



Now the family finally know why the star chose to hold a wedding in Bali!

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