Wu Chun Ying Er What relationship Fu Xinbo Ying Er Wedding Wu Chun When the witness is

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What does Wu Chun relate to Ying Er Fu Xinbo Ying Er Wedding Wu Chun When witnesses

Recently, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er held a wedding ceremony in Bali. Through a wedding day, Fu Xinbo became a hot topic. Counting, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er went from being in an affair to getting married and they hadn’t arrived for a year. The two met each other on the program and could be described as having a chance to meet each other.


On May 15th, Fu Xinbo and Ying Er held a grand wedding ceremony in Bali on the occasion of a hundred-day feast of their daughter, Little Moon. Many guests attending the wedding are stars: Bea Hayden , Fiona Sit , Shen Mengchen , Sago soup as bridesmaid, Ma Ke , Hu Xia , Dong Li , Zhou Mi (singer) as best man. Looking at the pictures on the Internet, the atmosphere of the wedding scene was very lively. Fu Xinbo and Ying Er kissed sweetly many times in the wedding ceremony. They were warmly touched! Caesar had spread a dog food and drastically abused the majority of single dogs.


Fu Xinbo waits for the bride's red makeup at the wedding and declares love on one knee. Compared to the romantic sentiments of the stars in the past, Fu Xinbo shouted at me to Ying Er and raised me for the rest of my life. Although she was too old-fashioned, she deeply touched the bride Ying Er and made her blind.


It is worth mentioning that the most surprising thing at the wedding ceremony was the witness. The witness was a handsome Wu Chun. Was the netizen surprised?


Wu Chun and Ying Er are closely related. Both belong to the same brokerage firm. Although Ying Er is not as famous as Wu Chun, she is the sister of Wu Chun. Wu Chun and Fu Xinfu were brothers in the movie “Zhongyi Yang Jiajiang”. He wore a dark suit on the wedding day of Fu Xinbo and Ying Er. When speaking, Wu Chun seemed to hide his nervousness. He frankly stated that The second time that the witnesses were also trying to be inappropriate, they also found reasons to convince themselves. Finally, I felt that I had stepped into the marriage earlier, married a beautiful wife, formed a happy home, and was with Ying Er now, the same agent, and Fu Xinfu teamed up with Zhongyi Yang. . Wu Chun feels that she has no reason not to participate in the wedding of Ying Er and Fu Xinbo.


Wu Chun gave a speech at the wedding. He thinks that the word love not only represents beauty, but also represents a major responsibility. For Xin Fu and Ying Er, everything is the best arrangement. He sincerely blessed the two newcomers to grow old.

Finally, Wu Chun also taught Fu Xinbo and Ying Er how to get along with each other as a human being. He married the two to share their lives and share the difficulties together.


When interviewed by the media, Wu Chun said that he had moved and cried when he saw the new man stepping onto the stage. This time, he was studying tightly and was nervous when he was filming! Wu Chun revealed that he may also want to make a change. In the wedding ceremony, he and his wife did not have weddings when they married. As a result of participating in Ying Er and Fu Xinbo's wedding, he was infected and realized that he would like to make a wedding with his wife as soon as possible.

Not to mention Wu Chun. Anyone who sees such a happy pair of new people will be deeply infected and sincerely wishing for such a dream wedding.

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