Sector team(TV)[2018]
Sector team(TV)[2018]

《Sector team》ending episode suzuki is killed by fengling watanabe and released. The squad is upgraded to a new battlefield.

< / p > < p > wang wuye wang dahu tied up to prevent him from trouble, told him that night the district team will destroy suzuki army. < / p > < p > wang dahu to report to suzuki, suzuki and he agreed that if the strong into the village with three hand flash, do not enter the village to shake three.

Wang wuye very confident that as long as the devil came in, will be completely destroyed. Wang dahu think big strong is completely crazy, can not beat the devil. Wang dahu pretended to agree with his father's request and retreated to the mountains with him. After being untied by his father, he wanted to run away. The fifth Lord warned him that the village was full of mines and that no one could go out without his guidance. < / p > < p > wang dahu tearful drink wang wuye wine, wang wuye went out to send a signal to the devil, the devil bait.

Suzuki left and right and so on, strange wang dahu has not sent a signal. < / p > < p > strong command people into the village to lure the devil bait, the results of the devil or not fooled, still stay put. < / p > < p > strong doubt leaked the wind, let everyone follow the mine mark evacuation route. At this time, liu daqiang suddenly saw the devil into the village, he let dachuan notice everyone ready. < / p > < p > but suzuki ordered the troops to stop, because he felt no movement, the guard of the village office is gone, so let everyone do a good job of hiding, let hou teng follow up later.

< / p > < p > the advance team of the devil in every place did not search to no. 8, in order to eliminate the doubts and vigilance of the devil, chrysanthemum leisurely sang a song, ono smiled and walked to the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum touched the mines, after a chain reaction, the village exploded into a piece, ono was killed on the spot, chrysanthemum also fell dead. < / p > < p > another battle field, secretary liang led the army to capture the defense of the empty devil stronghold.

< / p > < p > the battle of fengling du has been playing until dawn, the devil fled everywhere, always in a passive attack, was eight all the way to a yard, the devil closed the door corner resistance. Suzuki command residual devils gather up the team, destroy the area team. There is a devil report hou teng has not withdrawn. Suzuki calls them to stick to wait for help, the district team has no heavy weapons, can not play in. < / p > < p > devil report area team explosive power is huge, not out of the siege.

< / p > < p > hou teng was trapped in the leopard there, two people a fierce struggle, hou teng was thrown to the ground, from the house out of a person to wipe his neck.

Suzuki is very good at fighting, cross-fire layout is very successful, no blind Angle. < / p > < p > strong temporarily attack, he received a report, secretary liang has taken the devil stronghold, immediately came to reinforce them. < / p > < p > big strong old pancake to prepare a large high explosive bag, draw up the death squads, according to the order of the list, must destroy suzuki this group of the last enemy, until the last person. Big strong let others cover their own to blow up suzuki entrenched last position, focus on suzuki fire suppression. Finally blew up suzuki entrenched yard, wang wuye also died in his yard.

< / p > < p > strong to find a person alone suzuki, suzuki in the end of the road with a knife to big strong rushed, big strong beat it on the ground, dragged to the location of yufeng sacrifice on the hill. Who knows suzuki suddenly counterattack, and big strong tangled fight together.Daqiang fought back, subdued the other side again, tied him firmly and hanged him from the cliff. Yufeng revenge, great strong emotion.

Due to the continuous development and expansion of the district team, in order to commend the district team's achievements, approved by the superior, secretary liang announced that the district team was upgraded to the division of the independent brigade battalion three companies, comrade liu daqiang as the company commander, the former district team leader by comrade li jinbao.

Secretary liang orders Liu Dajiang comrade marched new battlefield immediately, Liu Dajiang report still have players arriving, everyone is wondering, but see big strong naming the names of the comrades who have sacrifice, "Bessie li comrade back, Guo Haitang comrade back, big embolus back, smelly beans back, back on the winter solstice, leap month back, three XiZi back... ..." These comrades who have died will always be part of the district team, no matter how the structure changes, their spirit will always inspire the soldiers to fight bravely with high morale.

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