Sector team(TV)[2018]
Sector team(TV)[2018]

《Sector team》Ep28:tong dachuan test successful high explosive tong professor plan out of geological drawings

< / p > < p > three people buried explosives, such as the arrival of the devil patrol, the results found that explosives appeared delay problem. < / p > < p > liu daqiang back to the station, think is the problem of the explosives in dachuan, tong dachuan think liu daqiang is too subjective, when things are not willing to find the reason from their own, yufeng tong dachuan agree with the view. < / p > < p > liu daqiang think yufeng intentionally toward tong dachuan, the heart also read tong dachuan, but yufeng think he is toward the reason, she let liu daqiang go out to chat with him alone, liu daqiang is not willing to go, everyone sarcasm he dare not go, liu daqiang had to bite the head to find yufeng. < / p > < p > yufeng let liu daqiang say again just insulted her words, liu daqiang apologize to yufeng, and promised to change the mine shell immediately, but liu daqiang in front of everyone, the mouth does not admit his mistake.

Tong once again to suzuki reported exploration of mineral resources, confirmed that there is no sulfur rich coal seam, at least temporarily not found. Tong professor appreciate hou teng's imagination, but only speculation is useless, suzuki basically agree with tong professor, hope tong professor as soon as possible to find minerals.

Tong professor's student xiaomao was delighted to find a lump of coal in a cave, that there is rich sulfur ore. In fact, historical records show that smelters existed in this area at the end of the qing dynasty. Tong professor let the students don't say, must learn the lesson of wang xu's tragic death, wait for him to find the opportunity to arrange the next step plan.

After the improvement of the mine shell, tong dachuan finally succeeded in the test, he can't wait to wake up the dream of liu daqiang. Liu daqiang happily called everyone to a meeting, tell you the good news, he let tong dachuan published after the successful development of the speech, tong dachuan blush dont know where to start.

Everyone suddenly remembered the bet between two people, if the test is successful, liu daqiang tong dachuan feet. Tong dachuan let everyone not to spread this thing, internal music on the line.

Suzuki to find feng boss, in view of the imperial patrol was attacked by explosives, that group of college students in Peiping was not scared back, so asked feng boss to find the whereabouts of college students. And hou teng suspects the daughter of boss feng is also among them, mention the daughter of boss feng is also a student, and it is to learn Japanese. Feng boss said his daughter had gone to the United States, feel looking for people to do things, suzuki reminded feng boss as long as more money can be found.

Tong professor to shimen ditch for exploration, feng boss to find dachuan, bring tong professor message, professor tong let tong dachuan go there to find him. Tong dachuan as promised, haven't wait for the head, suddenly found his father fell from the mountain injured, had to go back to the stronghold treatment. Tong dachuan feel just father has seen himself suddenly fell, feel something happened, he went over to find out, father deliberately left a shoe, back to the station found that it is geological map, finally found the dream of sulfur ore.

< / p > < p > secretary liang came to the big strong their test base, see the old shaobake repair old guns, dachuan smelting furnace, secretary liang visited their various processes. Secretary liang analyzed the current situation, now the devil front tight, empty rear, limited resources.< / p > < p > and the task of the district team is to form the conditions for mass production of explosives as soon as possible, the superior to a task, let them make a thousand mines fuze, but the lack of thunder mercury, secretary liang dachuan and dachang to go to Peiping, using the strength of the anti-japanese national salvation congress to complete this task.

< / p > < p > tiger found the blacksmith suddenly closed, from the tiger mouth that two blacksmiths have been keen to make chamber POTS, to collect scrap iron. < / p > < p > tiger let tiger often go to the blacksmith after the observation, and then sent him a letter, tiger began to suspect his father this is to inform against.

< / p > < p > tiger to hou teng report two blacksmiths out of far, hou teng let the tiger don't say, he immediately arranged to investigate.

< / p > < p > wang wuye saw the blacksmith closed, and the devil suddenly stopped, more and more feel wrong, he asked the whereabouts of the Smith yufeng, yufeng did not answer directly, asked wang wuye why quiet. According to the experience of wang wuye, sometimes the quieter the worse, mostly the temporary peace before the bloody storm.

Hou teng to find wang wuye, wang wuye pretend that leg disease can not get up. Cunning hou teng want to use Japanese military doctors to test the king five ye, was refused by the king five ye. Hou teng asked wang wuye the whereabouts of the blacksmith, wang wuye calmly responded, explained that due to the cold weather, more and more people buy chamberpots, two blacksmiths to collect some scrap iron, walk through the streets for several days. Hou teng sarcasm wang wu ye, he decided that the two blacksmiths must be to beiping scrap iron collection.

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