Sector team(TV)[2018]
Sector team(TV)[2018]

《Sector team》Ep34:li yufeng would rather die than surrender bravely to justice.

< / p > < p > in prison, yufeng felt that since the devil put them as livestock, they can not be when the turtle, she did not regret the decision to join the district team. < / p > < p > li jinbao sneers at her district team how not to save, yufeng estimated liu daqiang did not know where she was locked up, she hopes liu daqiang do not risk to save themselves.

Liu daqiang worried about the safety of yufeng, so he ran out secretly. < / p > < p > secretary liang to find the big strong, had to move to the county brigade to find, let the old cake they wait for their own can not leave.

< / p > < p > wang wuye slightly better body, has been able to go to the ground, apricot blossom let him pay attention to rest less down to walk, apricot blossom want to go to visit the lonely yufeng niang, by the way to give her some food. < / p > < p > wang wuye let the apricot flower hurry to the past, apricot flower left with grandpa tiger. < / p > < p > the tiger for his father is optimistic about a shoucai, tiger is still alive grandpa why prepare coffin. Tiger for his father to send traditional Chinese medicine, wang wuye medicine to the ground, let him leave his own, or go to the Japanese when the son.

Suzuki see yufeng has been dead dont speak, decided to execute her. < / p > < p > matsushita organ long advocate the jade phoenix as bait, lead eight, lang translator called the villagers to the execution site to focus on the emperor's sentence, do not allow them to leave, otherwise they will be shot. < / p > < p > wang dahu to yufeng for forgiveness, he was forced to helpless, yufeng just ask him to help take care of her mother. < / p > < p > wang wuye for yufeng to take the fruit, send her the last journey, lamented that he could not save her, please do not blame her.

Old baked cake they do not want to wait, also went out to find liu daqiang. See big strong near the execution ground, they went to liu daqiang side. Liu daqiang holding the belief that will die, ready to save people. < / p > < p > the devil in order to lure them out of the big strong, with a rope to drag yufeng. Big strong see emotional excitement, it is difficult to control their own, want to go down to save people, was the people to hold down. Yufeng was dragged to a gaogang died, the devil left.

< / p > < p > yufeng niang embroider a good red cover with yuanyang at home, commissioned the village's most prestigious wang wuye to do yufeng and strong witness, yufeng do a good marriage. Wang wuye tearfully promised to yufeng will hold a stylish wedding.

< / p > < p > liu dazqiang will pull the body of li yufeng home, properly handle her clothes, placed in the middle of the room. Liu daqiang felt that li yufeng did not leave him, she just experienced a catastrophe, she was too tired to have a good sleep, he confessed to her wake up must remember to tell him, he will use eight big sedan to marry her home.

Suzuki stands on the tower and looks out into the distance. He ordered people to bring out the leopard silver leopard, on the spot will be two people released. Ono is very puzzled suzuki put people decided that this is the release of the tiger back to the mountain, leopard silver leopard two people must return to the imperial army revenge. Suzuki believes that the leopard silver leopard has no resistance, only the joint area team, liu daqiang, so you can help the imperial army to find the headquarters of the strong.

Silver leopard back home, a heart to wake up from decadence out of the leopard. He reminded the golden leopard not to forget that he had been the beast and bandits at the wind of the hero, is far and near famous people.Golden leopard woke up, only fight to live. But he wants silver leopard to stay, for the mother of the elderly, silver leopard let the eldest brother as the eldest son to fulfill the responsibility of the elderly, by his sister to revenge. Gold leopard reminded silver leopard he had promised to protect his sister, as a big brother to keep his word.

Yufeng niang let them both go to revenge for sister, don't care about her. All three children are their own, and without one they cannot do it. The brothers must get her back. < / p > < p > the two began to pull the team to play the devil, they continue to harass the devil, attack patrol. Suzuki believes that all kinds of signs that the strength of no. 8 is strengthening, the team is growing, he ordered ono to carry out a search, expand the search area and strengthen the patrol, as soon as the village found people outside the arrest immediately. At this point, a long lost face suddenly appeared, hou teng injury appeared in front of suzuki. Suzuki is surprised and delighted, as if the treasure quickly greeted hou teng entered the room to discuss.

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