Sector team(TV)[2018]
Sector team(TV)[2018]

《Sector team》Ep7:liu daqiang training dachuan organizational concept professor tong was forced to find mineral deposits within a limited period

< / p > < p > li dashuan attempted poison devil, almost involving the villagers, was a strong interrogation, criticism. < / p > < p > for the parents of revenge, recruit its to their own team members, but asked him to continue to lurk around li jinbao, while stepping up the practice of skills, while doing their own eyes and ears, as soon as there is a wind and grass report back.

< / p > < p > wang wuye is also in the day birthday dinner uninvited guests angry, tiger see his father unhappy, personally for his father to play on the water to wash his feet to comfort, foot basin was not the anger of the father kicked over the ground. Tiger feel wronged, he did not know the devil to come in advance, also do not know how strong will force his father to recognize as relatives, as a son in any case will not dig a hole to jump to his father. Wang wuye earnestly hoped that his son would be more careful and not be sold without knowing it.

< / p > < p > liu daqiang went out to return, found that dachuan did not carry out his command to sleep in the house, so punish its standing military posture. Otsukawa protested against the practice of corporal punishment in disguised form. < / p > < p > liu daqiang criticized dachuan since it has turned from the identity of the guests to soldiers, to obey the order, "three disciplines eight attention" is the first of all the actions to obey the command. If it's on the battlefield or if it's on the run, it can be shot. Otsukawa argues that he went out because he was worried about daqiang's safety.

< / p > < p > the Japanese military police headquarters, suzuki was warned by his subordinates, he highly suspected the birthday party on the behavior of the two blacksmiths, like a premedited action, the purpose is to let the imperial army recognize their identity. Suzuki thinks this analysis is very reasonable, the little blacksmith obviously does not have the slightest physical labor characteristics, his identity is very questionable, wang dahu must have someone behind the operation. Suzuki people think it is better to kill wrong than to let the enemy slip through the net, suzuki think things are not so simple.

< / p > < p > li jinbao in his yard pondering what, yufeng came to look at the big brother in a daze, asked whether it was in the balls why did not poison the five ye birthday party on the devil, it was she will replace the material, let the eldest brother framed five ye plot abortion, yufeng advised his brother not to do things.

< / p > < p > liu daqiang came back from the outside, found that dachuan cooking almost caused a fire, blame him all day long will give him trouble, really do not understand why the superior to dachuan as a treasure. < / p > < p > big strong up, yufeng advised two people to open, see the pot of rice did not put water, so take the big river to carry water in the distance. < / p > < p > dachuan came to yufeng home, see the changes in the window straight kua yufeng handy, yufeng for dachuan treatment hand injury, blame dachang should not overtreat a weak scholar, let him do rough work. < / p > < p > dachuan admitted that he is very useless, has been trying to revenge for the dead classmate has been unable to do. And revealed that they are to manufacture firearms, and asked yufeng strictly confidential their plans. Dachuan taught yufeng to write and learned to write her own name. At the same time, yufeng also know the name of dachuan stroke and meaning, let yufeng feel both novel and aftertaste.

Traitorous businessman feng boss sends suzuki a batch of condolence, express respect to imperial army.Suzuki said for the loyalty of the good people in Japan will be strictly protected, feng boss if there is a trip, by his subordinates accompanied to travel, to ensure personal safety.

< / p > < p > at midnight, dachuan liu daqiang took advantage of the opportunity to sleep soundly slipped away, was found yufeng. < / p > < p > dachuan explained to her that he is not adapted to here, not water, iron, even cooking is not strong, so want to defect to the army. Yufeng reminded him that there are checkpoints everywhere, it is difficult to go out. < / p > < p > see dachuan to have decided, yufeng pretended to agree to leave, while it was unprepared to drug each other, back to the big strong door. < / p > < p > liu daqiang woke up, found that the river disappeared, thought something bad, hurried out of the house to look for, found the door to wake up in the river, is a curse, Dachuan last night's run away has been scared daqiang has been scared.

< / p > < p > devil leader deadline of a month, let tong professor find the mineral resources they need, warned him if he cheated the imperial army did not have a good end.

In order to make explosives for the army, dachuan began to use a small stove to make the composition of the explosive sulfur, strong feeling that he learned to stay, bragging, really do not believe that he can succeed, let him write to ensure that if the failure has his good looks. Dachuan is confident about himself.

< / p > < p > li jinbao always look not accustomed to liu daqiang, with a group of people and its martial arts, but one by one down. < / p > < p > but li jinbao is still stubborn, entangled strong fighting, yufeng can not see a group of people bully a person, go up to stop everyone stop, li jinbao stop to ensure that no longer find fault, all have left.

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