Sector team(TV)[2018]
Sector team(TV)[2018]

《Sector team》Ep31:suzuki plays hard to get and waits for dai-qiang to get into trouble for his work.

Suzuki informed ono of hou teng's current health, ordered his secret transfer to a safe place to do all the treatment, must be able to let him speak out who the attacker is. In the summary and analysis after the event, ono suspected that captain sun leaked the news, because their team did not suffer losses, it is recommended to arrest the interrogation immediately. Suzuki plans to take the strategy of combining the real with the imaginary to lead the enemy out of the cave. < / p > < p > onokazu arrangement to captain sun said hou teng has been awake, has identified the murderer, to see the other side of the reaction.

< / p > < p > onokazu went to find captain sun, he was looking around, asked him the purpose of looking around, captain sun replied to the blacksmith waiting for the horse shoe, see daqiang come over, captain sun with daqiang to count the number of horse shoe.

Big strong because of the explosives, so often attack ambush devil. Secretary liang rushed over regardless of the danger and accused him of only fighting. He was ordered to keep his eyes on the big picture, to see that explosives were not to be lost or that he would be punished. At present, the main task is to transport the last batch of mines.

One day, the tiger had just been beaten by ono, he ran to the blacksmith's shop to warn them not to make trouble, he suspected that they shot last night, harassment of the stronghold, also said that he was forced to do anything. Tiger do so is also ono to force, ono threatened tiger if there is no intelligence every day to beat him.

< / p > < p > this day, ono and forced tiger, lang translation idea to let the tiger find a cook, wait on ono, otherwise the life is not easy, because ono was suzuki every day threatened, lang translation thought of chrysanthemum. But the rice that chrysanthemum makes even big tiger does not like to eat, but this also is the method that does not have a method. Chrysanthemum can not withstand the tiger begged, agreed to cook for ono.

< / p > < p > sun captain to find a strong news, he heard the devil to retreat, ready to go south, leaving onokazu, suzuki and a few other devils, waiting for the final retreat. He hoped that big John would not get into trouble at the last minute and that it would not be easy to clean up when the time came. < / p > < p > captain sun wanted to wait for the devil are down south, he helped the strong thing no one mentioned. Big strong accused captain sun is a straw in the wind, according to the situation. Captain sun argued that he was also forced by helplessness, he is not as a bachelor as daqiang, captain sun has a large family can not but have some concerns.

< / p > < p > strong and yufeng see the enemy empty opportunity, is preparing to attack the stronghold. < / p > < p > dachuan came to see two people whisper, guess must be a big strong fighting fault again. He put forward his own views, he suspected that this is the enemy's conspiracy, the devil is deliberately thrown out of the bait, because the devil large-scale south secret will not be easily released, not to let a puppet captain know. < / p > < p > yufeng heard dachuan said here, feel very reasonable analysis. Can be strong, still insist on playing stronghold.

< / p > < p > tiger see night, dinner time has passed, go to onokazu there to pick up cooking chrysanthemum back, but met the chrysanthemum onokazu insult, chrysanthemum shouted to save their tiger, but the weak tiger will only cry and dare not resist.

< / p > < p > suffered abuse of the chrysanthemum was helped home, yufeng see chrysanthemum insult is really angry, but the original idea also advocated to play the stronghold, but think or first seek the opinions of secretary liang, or call all the players together to discuss. Big strong is not happy, think oneself have this decision as the captain, two players should obey the order.

< / p > < p > in fact, the devil large-scale south this is suzuki's plot, retreat is false, roundup is true. They want to attract big strong namely, prepare to catch it all in one net. < / p > < p > the devil is gearing up, ono let the ana to change into the devil uniform, immediately in position.

< / p > < p > big strong and yufeng are arguing, from captain sun there came the news that the devil has really withdrawn. This makes big strong more determined to fight this battle, he saw the opportunity to come, can't wait to get out.

< / p > < p > war is approaching, captain sun wanted to lead the horse to slip away quietly, the results were ono found, ordered him not to leave the stronghold, reason in order to prevent leakage of information, suzuki zhang net to wait, the door four open. < / p > < p > big strong himself advanced to explore the way, captain sun took the lead to shoot, remind the big strong here has an ambush. < / p > < p > strong retreat, the devil all the way to catch up, under the enemy's powerful fire attack, strong players have fallen around them, they have been trapped in a heavy siege, at stake.

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