Sector team(TV)[2018]
Sector team(TV)[2018]

《Sector team》Ep1:the troops of the eighth route army, jin-cha-ji military region, subjugated the Japanese army and led it into the encircement of liujiawan by the devil tu village.

In the winter of 1942, at the eastern foot of taihang mountain, there were many soldiers of the eighth route army lurking in the huge crops. In this battle, liu daqiang, deputy platoon commander of the eighth route army, was wounded and returned to his hometown of fenglingdu and liujiawan, quyang county, baoding county, hebei province.

< / p > < p > liu daqiang received the quyang county party secretary liang's order, as the leader of fenglingdu district team. < / p > < p > two people have not seen for many years, secretary liang has long been looking forward to the big strong, he is very concerned about the recovery of the injury of the big strong, strong recovery is still good, but there is a point of hearing problems. < / p > < p > strong hope in the big army to participate in the big battle, very dissatisfied with his being sent to the local guerrilla, secretary liang warned him not to bring emotions to work, although the battlefield is different but are playing devil. Liu daqiang assured the superior that he would complete the task, as a party member he absolutely has this consciousness, absolutely obey the organization arrangement.

Secretary liang to the district team members introduced liu daqiang is a combat platoon leader, combat hero, combat experience is very rich. But daejeon was discouraged by the fact that he was a poor peasant with farm implements, and that the stupid, stinky beans and other members of the team, confused and confused, kept muttering about how much an officer the platoon leader was. Big silly self-introduction name and liu daqiang only one word, called liu dazhou. Stinky bean used to be a shoveller.

Liu daqiang went back to the house and complained that the team was going too far. Secretary liang encouraged daqiang, which was the reason why he was a good player to lead the team.

< / p > < p > the Japanese army in quyang county fengling du command post, the Japanese are arranging work, according to the matsushita organ long command, they want to fengling du for the next step of the military exploration of important resources to clear the way, in the near future to complete the security plan, and make fengling du large troops south supplies base.

District squad currently equipment is a long pole, MAO and rake, Liu Dajiang wanted armed the district teams, and led a few players in the adventure into bells cross a Japanese stronghold, kill a Japanese soldier in confusion, touch control a puppet forces into the kitchen, eating a few pieces of raw meat, robbed two guns and rice, retreat but didn't find the rice missed along the way. When they retreat, nearly by the devil patrol found, learned a few cat call muddle through. < / p > < p > they retreated to the big strong mother home, mother heard gunshots just after the big strong, worried about his son's safety, do not believe that the lack of weapons they are the devil's opponent, until they just saw the capture of the three eight cover was a little impressive.

Everybody is right just got authentic 38 big cover cannot put down, very excited. After having a gun, everybody feels a bit regular army appearance, but big strong feels to leave regular army standard or nearly, still need to equip some more guns. We eat a rare rice, feel like New Year's eve as satisfied, thinking about the next step to rob the Japanese beef cans. Big strong also follow da jia le, everybody patrons happily, almost forgot to keep watch and clean up the rice left on the ground. It was revealed that there were too many things that the team was desperately lacking, such as military literacy, organizational discipline and so on.

Quickly chase after the Japanese found themselves being attacked, along the left big strong over the wall of rice have been chased by liujiawan village, enemies of fierce fighting, big strong niang quickly transfer rice, wanted to be buried but not willing to part with or use, to pull a few see too late finish is hidden in a bowl, the results by Japanese soldiers entered and found that the coercive big niang source of rice. Aunt laments that rice is really a good thing, but it is a pity that they do not have the blessing to enjoy. She shouted to the distance to let her son away from her, the devil will kill aunt. When the leader of the two sides stood on the wall and looked into the distance, their hearts were filled with infinite regrets. If it had not been for the war, they would not have come here and seen such a beautiful scenery.

Fengling du village, the village of the boy wang xiaohu and wang wuye work together, yufeng came to talk about the night before the devil stronghold crackle ring non-stop, do not know what holiday. Wang xiaohu joked that the devil must be a ghost festival. < / p > < p > yufeng saw wang xiaohu, remember wang xiaohu with a slingshot crippled her chicken, blame him up, wang xiaohu is not admitted. < / p > < p > blind yufeng niang heard gunshots at night, worried about the danger in the village so ask around, heard the respected wang wuye talk as usual before put down. < / p > < p > at this time, wang wuye's son wang dahu came to the news, last night someone sneaked into the devil stronghold, killed a devil, grabbed two guns, wang wuye felt these people have the ability to have a kind of, and then he saw the devil looking for something in the mountain.

< / p > < p > district team members were scattered by the Japanese, liu daqiang with two people ran to the neighboring village fengling du wang wu ye home. In order to escape to his house, the fifth Lord did not want to accept them at first, but later agreed to take care of their guns.

< / p > < p > wang wuya daughter-in-law came the news, the devil wants to let wang wuye fengling du village to maintain the President, wang wuye is very disgusted with the job. He thinks liu jiawan is doomed this time, estimation village is empty. < / p > < p > at this time, wang dahu is flirting outside and xianghao, xianghao saw two men carrying guns into his house, wang dahu scared her to shut up quickly, if the Japanese know it is over.

< / p > < p > wang wuye said let the jade phoenix niang although rest assured, go home to rest, but he was uneasy to stand on the roof to the distance staring. < / p > < p > at this time the son ran back, wang wuye blamed the son should not be running around in this time of chaos, did not want to inquire about the news of the son to bring him a bad news, liu jiawan was killed by the devil tu village, a live.

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