Condor heroes(TV)[1983]
Condor heroes(TV)[1983]

《Condor heroes》Ep43:episode 43

Yi DengDaShi explained to Qiu QianChi on behalf of Yang Guo that Qiu QianChi refused to hand over another half-grain daqing, and went on a plot to assassinate Huang Rong and was persuaded by Huang Rong. Qiu QianChi, who wanted to kill his brother, was saved by Yang Guo when he tried to hurt him with a poisoned date. Guo Fu knew that he had been misunderstanding Yang Guo and was ashamed, so she confessed to him in public. Yang Guo went to the secret room in the valley of the desperate love to rescue uncle Yu Yin and the god monk tianzhu, found that the god monk to find the way to understand the love flowers poison, regardless of the body to test the poison in a coma. Li MoChou put out a stunt to force Gong SunZhi to hand over the daqing Dan. Gong SunZhi tried to trap Gong SunLvE in the flowers of qing dynasty and forced Qiu QianChi to hand over the antidote. Gong SunLvE was so impressed that he decided to bring Xiao LongNv and Yang Guo to the party. Yang Guo and Xiao LongNv were greatly moved.

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