Condor heroes(TV)[1983]
Condor heroes(TV)[1983]

《Condor heroes》Ep10:episode 10

Yang Guo held Xiao LongNv in the sarcophagus. Xiao LongNv found the handwriting of a double-yang person on the sarcophagus, thus finding the authentic sutra of nine shades. He also found that there was a map of ancient tomb in the stone chamber. Li MoChou knew Xiao LongNv had found the secret of exit, so he forced two people to lead the way, and four of them escaped and went to heaven after several pains. Xiao LongNv and Yang Guo lived in a cottage on the mountain, but they didn't expect to meet Ou YangFeng. When they saw Yang Guo, they were overjoyed and immediately asked Yang Guo to teach him to practice toad skills. Yang Guo and Ou YangFeng practiced martial arts, and did not return one night, but Yin ZhiPing arrived, with the eyes of Xiao LongNv blindfolded, Xiao LongNv rape, Xiao LongNv mistakenly thought that Yang Guo, the next day woke up very shy, Yang Guo did not know Xiao LongNv anything, temporarily confused.

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