Condor heroes(TV)[1983]
Condor heroes(TV)[1983]

《Condor heroes》Ep1:episode 1

Wu SanTong also went to jiangnan to seek revenge on lu family. Under the advice of sanniang, he put aside his hatred and took his two sons xiuwen and dunyu to avoid Li MoChou's chase. After Li MoChou appeared in lujiazhuang, Ke ZhenE came to help, but the lushi couple had been beaten to death by Li MoChou, and they had an abduction with Cheng Ying. Luckily Huang YaoShi rushed to rescue Cheng Ying, but Li MoChou took him away. Ou YangFeng saw Yang Guo's lovely spirit and taught him how to detoxify. At this point, Ou YangFeng saw a large eagle flying over. Huang YaoShi and others were known to throw Yang Guo out nearby. Guo Jing and other people see Yang Guo's body poisoning needle, after asking, we know Yang Guo is the son of Yang kang, that is to bring Yang Guo back to the inn for healing.

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