Condor heroes(TV)[1983]
Condor heroes(TV)[1983]

《Condor heroes》Ep7:episode 7

Huo Dou and Da ErBa dive into the ancient tomb forest, and capture Yang Guo, Xiao LongNv arrived, and use jade bees against Huo Dou, Huo Dou was bitten by bees, scratchy, and Yang Guo was also injured by Huo Dou, Xiao LongNv was busy to heal Yang Guo. Yang Guo went to the stone room to get the dress of Wang ChongYang, and pretended to be Wang ChongYang to the ChongYang palace to scare lu qing Pope and others. However, Yin ZhiPing finally spotted it and told Qiu ChuJi. At this time, Guo Jing and Huang Rong visited and asked about Yang Guo, which made them very angry.

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