Condor heroes(TV)[1983]
Condor heroes(TV)[1983]
Condor heroes(TV)[1983]

Condor heroes(TV)[1983]

Episode: 50 Area: Hong Kong, China,
Stars: Andy Lau Idy Chan Ka-Yan Leung More>> Language:
Director: Sang Siu Year: 1983
Writer: Ka-Fai Wai Hu Sha Genre: Ancient costume | Martial arts master | Love

《Condor heroes》Episodes

In the southern song dynasty, there were internal conflicts and external conflicts. Guo Jing and Huang Rong live a quiet life on taohua island. Later, in order to visit Huang YaoShi, he returned to central China and met Yang Guo, son of Yang kang. Guo Jing met him and brought him back to taohua island to raise him. Later, due to the stubborn personality of Yang Guo, Guo Jing sent him to chongyang palace to learn martial arts. Yang Guo stubborn personality, often angered the master, broke into the forbidden area the back to avoid disaster, Sun PoPo save into the tomb, was the tomb owner Xiao LongNv accept him as a ACTS, to ancient tomb parties JueXue, and Xiao LongNv study yunvxinjing, each other heart is linked together, feelings, it's a pity that the teacher and pupil of love is not to be permitted by the secular, more because of the idea - and was forced to separate. Yang Guo successively learned martial arts from xidu Ou YangFeng, dongxie Huang YaoShi, and beigai Hong QiGong. After that, he searched for Xiao LongNv and found out the cause of his father's death. .

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