Condor heroes(TV)[1983]
Condor heroes(TV)[1983]

《Condor heroes》Ep19:episode 19

Huang Rong used sun tzu's military tactics to fight Jin LunFaWang with Guo Jing, Zhu ZiLiu and Hao DaTong, hoping to win the league with two wins and one defeat. On the day of the martial competition, Yang Guo wanted to help secretly and was found by the gold wheel and angrily scolded Yang Guo. At this time, Huo Dou took advantage of Zhu ZiLiu's distraction and handed out the poison needle. People dare not underestimate Jin LunFaWang and other people martial arts, the outcome is uncertain, Yu Yin stood up to the fight. At the hero banquet, Yang Guo met Xiao LongNv and planned to go out for a visit together. At this time, Yu Yin competed with Da ErBa, and Xiao LongNv's foot was injured by implement. Yang Guo was heartbroken and scolded Huo Dou and wanted to compete with Huo Dou.

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