Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

Ying Zi Introduction

Ying Zi
Ying Zi (Crystal Wang Play)

His real name cherry, female, 25 years old, Beijing, workers from family background. Technical secondary school, Mercedes-Benz 4S shop sales. Moderate, artificial, low-quality worship of gold women, advocating vulgar brand but think they have taste. Talking with cavalry tune, sarcastic, like raising their belittle others, love jealous, see a friend better than himself. Wholeheartedly want to catch a golden tortoise change their own destiny, to see the rich on the initiative to launch an offensive. And Xiao Qiao dislike each other, often tit for tat to bicker. Ying Zi was born low, but very vanity, with the sales of luxury cars, the butterfly usually surrounded by the successful men around flattery, because the average, not being ignored or being ruthless joking, but Ying Zi never die heart. Kuan Ge, a Beijing boy who grew up with Ying Zi, has been quietly accompanied by Ying Zi for years, but Ying Zi does not really care about Kuan Ge, who lives in a roasted wing for the rest of her life. Only when someone needs help or is in a bad mood Kuan Ge will be remembered when trying to comfort someone. Yingzi simply can not understand and can not agree with what Kuan Ge hopes to have.

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