Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

Xie Si Introduction

Xie Si
Xie Si (En Bai Play)

His real name Xie Song, male, 27 years old, Beijing, teachers family background. Academy of Fine Arts graduate, full-time photographer, amateur painting. Long hair, a literary temperament, extreme carefree, see the girl chase one, but not serious. In front of outsiders like to carry the painter's range of children, hi friends in front of a smile, gag, often in high excitement. Although hardworking, but pure heart kindness, attaches great importance to friendship. After graduating from Xie Si, she worked as a photographer and spent the rest of her 798 running a studio with her friend Mai Zi. But he did not become ideal painter, playing painting and playing photography, mainly to confuse seduced literary young women to go to bed. Mai Zi, however, was bent on becoming a well-known painter, thinking that she would not be pregnant, she was somewhat depressed and nervous, and sometimes stirred Xie Si's goodness. A certain time Xie Si fools a group of girls into the studio to do body painting, step by step, it is necessary to coax the girls clothes off the light, drunk returned Mai Zi made a pass wine crazy, the girls were all scared away. Such things often staged, but Xie Si really take Mai Zi as a good buddy, rarely with him care about. Xie Si's artistic temperament is very girls like to recruit, coupled with his little trick, the little trick, every time a little initiative can easily succeed. Because of his mercy, and often are left happy after a walk away, so often trouble caused by ridden, and sometimes even in the streets by a woman catch up splashing slap in the face, even so, Xie Si still bored, his biggest The ideal is to make the world so beautiful.

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