Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]
Da MaoEr chasing love(TV)[2015]

Da MaoEr Introduction

Da MaoEr
Da MaoEr (Hai-Qing Play)

His real name Ding Da Mao, English name Sissi, female, 25 years old, Beijingers, his father for the office of general staff, the mother for college staff. College graduate, marketing professional, advertising company staff. Slim tall, looks vivid and fresh. Simple personality outgoing, careless, carelessly count the city government, speak loudly, walking strode, do not know how to cover up emotions, and often very exaggerated performance. Da Mao Er, originally a salesman at the advertising agency's client department, was passionate and creative in advertising because of her admiration for creative director Mu Ming. She wanted to move to creative department. After facing the client department, he was opposed and obstructed by the manager of the client department. Da Maoer won the favor of Mu Ming because of his outstanding performance in the Pippi Candy Project, and forced the Horses to agree to release and finally got The opportunity to work in Creative Department, but must start from the trainee, if you can not pass the internship phase, you must return to the client department to continue their work. Da Mao Er is ostensibly an open-minded girl who always talked to men and women with her friends about meat and vegetables, but in fact she was very resistant to feelings and sometimes her friend wanted to introduce her to her boyfriend. She also avoided Fear less than. Da Mao Er's mother was eager to get her daughter to marry as soon as possible, persuading Da Mao Er to go blind, and even arranged Da Mao Er for three games in a day. Da MaoEr escaped, but had to go to the appointment, but found that the three blind date of the hero is the same person - her neighbor Lin MangMang.

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