The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]
The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]

《The Advisors Alliance》Ep43:Xiahou emblem's death really want Sima Yi want to kill people misfits

Xiao Yuan is a schoolmaster. Cao Pi arranged for her to monitor Sima's family. Sima's family also knew everything but did not say it. Decades passed. Xiao Yuan has already taken Sima's family as her own home. Hou Ji was in charge of secretly monitoring Xiao Yuan when he was in Yuncheng. Since then he has been thinking of Xiao Yuan, but he never dared to mention Hou Ji asking Si MaYi to explore Xiao Yuan's tone before Propose marriage. Si MaYi got Xiao Yuan and asked her if she wanted to get married. Xiao Yuan mistook Si MaYi for her. She was fond of saying she wanted to get married, but she wanted Si MaYi to marry him unwilling to be a concubine. Si MaYi froze for a moment, explaining he was pro-Hou Ji pro, Xiao Yuan embarrassed to consider themselves consider, they hurriedly left. Si MaYi relayed the meaning of Xiao Yuan to Hou Ji, who impatiently said he was old enough to have no chance of waiting until he could wait, but after thinking it over again for decades, he did not care much about it This time. In the evening when Hou Ji cooks, he finds the blood behind the firewood pile full of bloodstains. He follows the blood to the back of the kitchen and finds Xiao Yuan in a pool of blood. Panic Hou Ji hugs Xiao Yuan and Xiao Yuan holds his breath. The man who killed her was Si MaZhao, and said she was willing to marry Hou Ji. Hou Ji told Si MaYi about what Xiao Yuan said, and Si MaYi angrily said that he would kill Si MaZhao. Without Si MaZhao, he had other sons. Si MaYi and Si MaZhao meet at home on the promenade, Si MaZhao body displeasure, father and son relative indignant, hatchback, Si MaYi eventually did not say anything went away, passing Si MaShi's door, I saw Si MaShi daze at the portrait of Xia HouHui. The next day, Si MaYi called Si MaZhao into his room. Si MaZhao felt that things were not good and was careful all the way. Si MaYi let Si MaZhao eat with him. When talking about Si MaZhao's birth, Zhang ChunHua almost Dystocia and death, so the whole family have Si MaZhao care added, Si MaYi desperate suppression of a lifetime of desire, only found in old age, these desires are embodied in Si MaZhao body. Si MaZhao explained that what he and his brothers did was for the Sima family, with absolutely no other thoughts. Si MaYi had already seen through Si Ma Zhao's heart and did not want to hear him explain again. After Si MaYi issued a sign, the door of the room suddenly Close, ambush ambush around the room around the corner, Si MaZhao surprised to see his father did not expect his father actually want to kill him. Si MaYi said all these evil things Si MaZhao did all the time and said that Si MaZhao used He Yan to know all these things and guess that Si MaZhao killed Xia HouHui and Xia HouHui's death was the most demented Si MaZhao Because of fear of Xiao Yuan informed, so just kill Xiao Yuan, but Si MaZhao still insisted that he is to protect the Sima family, there is absolutely no selfish. Si MaYi was silent for a long time, throwing a bowling alley to let the guards rushed in. However, only Si MaShi came in after the door opened, and Si MaShi saw Si MaShi scaring back a few steps. Si MaShi did not have the heart to see his brother being his father Kill, so I have to disperse the guards outside the door, Si MaZhao rushed to embrace Si MaShi repentance, admitted to kill Xia HouHui himself.Si MaShi tells the story of how all of them grew up together. Si MaShi keeps his younger brother alive. Each time he travels, Xia HouHui worries about two brothers and Si MaShi, Did not expect in the end Si MaZhao develop into a man eating wolf. Si MaShi's wife died in Si MaZhao's hand, but Si MaZhao is also his favorite brother, Si MaShi in pain and tangled, holding his sword firmly, but can not start to Si MaZhao. Si MaZhao was lying on Si MaShi's ear, explaining that what he had done was all that his father had implicitly instructed himself to do. It was all taught by his father. Si MaShi looked incredulously at Si MaYi when Si MaZhao suddenly pulled out Si MaShi's sword was placed on his neck, handed the sword handle to Si MaShi, let him kill himself for revenge for Xia HouHui, Si MaShi hesitated for a long time, or took the sword down. Si MaZhao may have guessed Si MaShi would not kill him, so he deliberately took sword to stimulate Si MaShi. After Si MaShi put away his sword, Si MaZhao smirked and looked to Si MaYi, then left Si MaYi with tears and laughter room. Si MaShi looked at his father and brother, his two closest people, he seems to have done things, but in order to Sima family in the future, he must also follow the pace of his father, Si MaShi left tears, wounded eyes Tears have become blood and tears.

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