The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]
The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]

《The Advisors Alliance》Ep1:Cao Pi crash Cao Rui ascended the throne

Eastern Han Dynasty, princes melee. Si MaYi (Wu Xiubo), a young scholar, wanted to compete with the rest of the world without the help of a month-long review of the involvement of Si MaYi and his father in the battle between Cao Cao and the Han Chinese. Butcher knife is about to fall, Sima family will face drowned disaster. Si MaYi laid the groundwork for the occasion of the crisis and defeated Yang Xiu (Qu Tian-lin ornaments), but it attracted the suspicion of Cao Cao (Yu and Wei ornaments), forcing them into office. Cao Pi, son of Cao Cao, also favored his favor, but Si MaYi did not hesitate to evade his legs. The Central Plains War imminent, Si MaYi evasion, finally Cao Pi sincerely moved, promised adjuvant Cao Pi achievements. So Si MaYi and Cao Zhi's adviser Yang Xiu, launched a thrilling struggle to win the game, he assisted Cao Pi passed the test of Cao Cao time and time again, but Cao Cao has always favored Cao Zhi. When the book was written, Xun 彧 dwells to Si MaYi, leaving Cao Cao to help Cao Pi's stunts. With the joint efforts of all, Cao Pi finally succeeded in becoming Prince Edward. In the War of Resistance Against Japan, Yang Xiu was punished for his arrogance. Si MaYi ended his fight with his old rival Yang Xiu more than 20 years ago. Soon after, the life of a generation of ambitious Cao Cao came to an end. Before his death, he confronted Si MaYi. Since then, Si MaYi regarded Cao Cao as his teacher, and since then he firmly pursued Cao Cao's desire to end the troubled times. Cao Pi was the king, Si MaYi also became a minister, and he and Chen Qun (Chu Shuanzhong ornaments) opened the curtain of Cao Wei's New Deal. Under the patriarchal clan clique, Cao Pi was suspicious of Si MaYi and placed Bai LingYun (Chun-Ning Chang) in Sima Prefecture. From the very beginning, his wife, Zhang ChunHua (Tamia Liu), rather than a hunger strike, refused to accept Bai LingYun. In the mutual understanding and compromise between husband and wife, Bai LingYun finally allowed to enter the Sima family. Bright Bai LingYun also fell in love with Si MaYi ambitious. In the aftermath of Zhen Huan's funeral, Si MaYi invites your assistant Yi Xin Tang to help defend his eldest son Yenli and completely offended Cao Pi, who broke his half-good friend. Si MaYi was dismissed from office. Cao Rui grew up in the mourning of her mother's death, attributed her mother's death to Guo Zhao's favor, and a mother-child tragedy came into being. The first three years of yellow, spring. Cao Pi approaching Xuduo, South Gate collapsed for no reason, Cao Pi uneasy mind, that the ominous of trillion, so bypass Xudu return to Luoyang. Guo Zhao along the way to comfort, Cao Pi is still disturbed. Halfway through, Cao Pi drove into disrepair and became Si Cao's grass-roots Si MaYi. Si MaYi long worship Cao Pi, two relatives silent monarch, filled with emotion. Back to the palace of Cao Pi exacerbations, and even too doctors are helpless. Sorrowful Guo Zhao wants to hide, however, Cao Pi has long ago understood. In the middle of the night, Cao Pi insisted on the same tour with Queen Guo as a backstage, long talk. Cao Pi, with a myriad of thoughts, wants to write a book to Si MaYi so as not to forget it later. In retrospect of her life, Cao Pi was overjoyed and finally decided to re-use Si MaYi but was ready to leave Si MaYi's loyalty to the new emperor. Cao Pi Xiaomi Zhao, so Ji Bu led the school staff to go back to Si Wen Si CountyYinyi. Facing the white cold month, Wei Huang Cao Pi nestled tightly with the Queen. It is already a long time since Cao Pi became more and more serious.In the East Palace, Cao Rui, a plain king, was embarrassed about the death of his mother Zhen Huan. It was hard to forgive Cao Pi. At this time, Cao Pi, the eunuch, proclaimed Cao Pi's intention to summon Cao Rui. In the main hall, Cao Pi, under the command of Cao Xiu, general of Zhennan, Chen Zhen, of Cao Zhen, a general of the town, and Cao Rui, the crown prince. At the same time, Cao Pi decreed that the minister and Si MaYi should be supplemented with assistant minister Cao Rui. Watching Cao Xiu's intense reaction, Cao Pi told Prince Rui Cao Rui to make good use of the technique of Emperor Wang Pingheng. Looking at the father emperor Guo Zhao difficult to break the emotion, think of the birth of a biological mother, Cao Rui secretly hate. In the fantasy scene, Cao Pi saw Si MaYi arriving, and then he became ill. In 226 AD, Cao Pi drove in Luoyang. The new mourning of the emperor, coupled with the previous cutting Wu Wu Guo, the vicissitudes of the new Wei Wu Shu eyeing, trying to take advantage of. Shu, Shu Palace. Zhu GeLiang with Ma Su night view of the sky, see the comet made crape myrtle, that the loss of the major power, speculated that Wei Guojun, the world war will be, within a decade I am afraid there is no peace. In the face of Ma Su's disdain for scholar Cao Rui, Zhu GeLiang told him not to do so and concluded that Cao Pi would surely leave his assistant minister. Luoyang, Palace, a piece of Su-Su. Si MaYi knelt down in front of Cao Pi Ling, sobbing. Si MaYi spiritually determined, well to help Cao Rui become unified Mingjun. Cao Rui ousted all ministers and talked to Si MaYi.

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