The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]
The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]

《The Advisors Alliance》Ep40:Sima Yi massacre Cao Shuang three clans

Si MaZhao and Zhong Hui informed Si MaYi that Cao Shuang has been conducting military exercises and conspiracy to persecute the Zen monarchy in March. Si MaYi instructed the two to be restless, sending the intelligence to the court officer first. Si MaZhao came to visit him after passing through the captivity of He Yan. He Yan tears sigh, the Lord of the people all smiles, they have not prayed for any future. Si MaZhao to seduce heavyweights, promised one of three public yingwei post. He Yan is in a trance and is about to trial Cao Shuang. He Yan said for a long time that he really did not go under this hand. Si MaZhao threatened He Yan to say that this was his only chance to clear his guilt and plead guilty to Sima. He Yan was silent after a painful decision. Within the general's palace, every move of Cao Shuang was monitored and shouted out by soldiers in various accents. Ting Wei, He Yan began hearing Cao Shuang case. Relevant personnel involved in Cao Shuang's turnaround were all taken into custody for torture, bloody appalling. After looking at the trial files, Si Ma Zhao said that the case of Cao Shuang involved only seven ethnic groups and fewer ethnic groups. He Yan thought to go, the last panic found Si MaZhao said that the family is himself. He Yan hysterical, now he was Si MaZhao full use, but because his wife was mastered by Si MaZhao in his hand can only swallow. Incredible He Yan asked He Yan in the end is a man is a ghost, Si MaZhao said with a smile that depends on whom. He Yan walked away from the soldiers, He Yan shouted and said he would not let go Si MaZhao. Afterwards, Zhong Hui feared that Si MaYi would not agree with the killings, Si MaZhao said with a smile as long as she fooled Si MaShi. Cao Shuang mansion, the former glory of Cao Shuang nowadays come down extremely, looking at his never-ending wife, Cao Shuang burst into tears. Just then, Zhong Hui broke into the main hall with his servants, and Cao Shuang was forcibly taken away in the face of the young son of Jian Jia and Cao Shuang, who later forcibly taken away their young son. Sima Prefecture, Si MaZi's two sons Si MaZhao and Si MaShi and student Zhong Hui persuaded his father to kill heinous Cao Shuang. Si MaFu listened, scared, think this will make clan and Sima home. After a moment, Si MaYi opened his mouth again and thought that Cao Shuang, the prime of her life, might not be able to make a comeback without killing Cao Shuang. Finally, Si MaYi categorically said: kill. Mrs. Bai LingYun heard that Cao Shuang was arrested by Zhong Hui and others and anxiously found Si MaYi to persuade him not to do such a thing. Today Sima home everything, we should pay homage reputation. Si MaYi said that the green history is a scholarish business name. From the moment of starting a military operation, the name behind the body of a young man is long gone. Looking back at the back of Si MaYi, Bai LingYun was so strange to her husband for the first time. Imperial Palace, Chaotang, cultural heritage all ranks stone steps, Si MaYi car grand to attend the audience towards the DPRK. Little Emperor Cao Fang gave Si MaYi near the throne. Si MaYi spoke openly and released a case of Cao Shuang's conspiracy to rebellion, asking the officials to discuss it. Zhong Hui took the lead in standing out and announced the heinous crime of Cao Shuang in time and with ample evidence of time and place. His Highness ministers have stood up stand position. At this time, generous and loyal Jiang Ji stood out and proposed that the original Losow swore to implore Si MaYi to let Cao Shuang.After being rejected by Si MaYi, painful veteran Jiang Ji angrily resigned. Immediately, the little emperor Cao Fang cautiously begged Si MaYi not to kill Cao Shuang, but Si MaYi remained silent. Immediately, the ministers have voiced their sentiments to kill Cao Shuang tribe. Cao Fang is scared and helpless, asking if Si MaYi wants to usurp. Si MaYi sincerely expressed his loyalty, but he is willing to Yan Haihe, Weihai peace. Cao Fang helpless, only allowed. His Majesty Si MaFu et al., Though reluctantly, are similarly helpless. Chang'an and Xiahouba persuaded Xia HouXuan not to return to Chang'an so as not to be intimidated by Si MaYi. Reluctant to live in Changan Independence, even less willing to go to Jiang Wei, he is willing to return to Luoyang, indulgence is masturbating, he also died. On the streets of Luoyang, Cao Shuang was escorted by a prisoner truck to the streets. People and children sing the ballads in the streets: Hou Fei Hou, Wang Fei Wang, riding thousands of ride on the Beibei. Grand Army House, Si MaFu look guilty to see Jian Jia. In the face of Jian Jia, who cried so much, Si MaFu felt sad but helpless. Beibei Hill Execution Site, Cao Shuang One-party, three-generation men, women and children kneeling on the ground. Cao Shuang regretted it and did not follow Ding Mi's advice back to Luoyang. This has led to today's tragic end. Si MaFu hurried to Jian Jia and demanded that Cao Shuang's son be released. After being denied, Si MaFu bluntly asked to find Si MaYi. However, Si MaYi unyielding and cruel, so that Si MaFu and Bai LingYun incredible.

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