The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]
The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]

《The Advisors Alliance》Ep37:Cao Shuang Destroy the emperor to call the emperor

The Grand Government House singing and dancing, to celebrate the old counterpart Si MaYi suffering from bereavement. Sima was sent to mourning, but Cao Shuang did not mind it. He held a wedding banquet at the time of the funeral of the Sima government on the excuse of being a happy child, and invited the minister to attend the feast. Ding Mi feels that Si MaYi is, after all, a veteran of the Four Dynasties and that such a clear insult is defective. However, Cao Shuang's attitude is domineering, just as if to step onto Si MaYi from dust. Sima House, a piece of Su, deep sorrow. Simpang, Si MaYi overnight pale, became quivering, unexamined. Storms hit him for most of his life, lost his most valuable person. Zhong Hui worried about the teacher from a slump, carefully asked if the teacher away, his ambition followed. Si MaYi silently silent, but deep compassion. On the other hand, Cao Shuang House on the court if the city Shengge Man dance. Flattery all the ministers have congratulated, boast little boys bones odd. At this time, Xia HouXuan's one factor provoked Cao Shuang very unhappy. Xia HouXuan denounced Cao Shuang less than human ceremony, too much, walked away. Cao Shuang was overcast and ordered his men to look for someone to funeral to Sima Prefecture. Guo TaiHou took the little emperor Cao Fang to Sima Prefecture for mourning. Cao Fang's mother was very unhappy, thinking that there was no emperor's condolences to the Minister. Cao Shuang was so furious that he learned that the little emperors were hanging over Pro-Sima government. In Sima Prefecture, the little emperor, Cao Fang, stole a sly mustache at Si MaYi's beard and asked if Sima Tai Fu was the rumored horse among the three. At this time, Cao Shuang was dressed in military uniform and arrived at the demonstration. Sima family chaos became a mess after Si MaYi fainted under the blow. Bai LingYun looks anxious to feed her husband, Si MaYi slowly awoke. Deng Ai returns home to visit his teacher Si MaYi. Zhong Hui said earnestly to persuade Si MaYi not to let Cao Shuang go on like this. However, Si MaYi said suddenly that there is too much injustice in the world, it is beyond all control and peace is just fine. Si MaYi to comfort students, Heaven seemingly unfair, but in fact very fair, everyone died, this is the greatest fair. Zhong Hui difficult to accept such an outcome, the word sonorous that he would rather die dignity, unwilling to humiliation. Zhong Hui and Si MaZhao conspired to exterminate Cao Shuang and could not afford to let down Si MaYi's efforts. Si MaZhao said it would certainly do it, but not now. Luoyang, winter. General Cao Shuang learned that Si MaYi had a stroke and that he was unable to move in half, thinking Si MaYi's death was approaching. Xia HouHui tomb, Si MaShi sense of loss, a series of strikes made him decadent endless, it seems that I can not see the hope of Sima family. Grand General House, Cao Shuang birthday. He Yan et al. Bow down and address him the long live of His Royal Highness Cao Shuang as if to push Cao Shuang to the throne. Cao Shuang was amazed at the shock. Under the encouragement and instigation of He Yan, Cao Shuang began to feel restless in her heart trying to test the attitude of ministers. The following day, Chaotang above. Cao Shuang has not yet arrived, the emperor and the ministers wait for a long time Cao Shuang. Cao Shuang dressed in armor with a sword, late. Sun Li et al. Blocked Cao Shuang's recent visit and asked him what he meant. Cao Shuang took the opportunity to threaten his ministers. Little Empire Cao Fang step by step compromise, Cao Shuang do not depend on the intimidation Cao Fangang Cao Fang Cao Cao see this posture.After the next DPRK, Ding Mi suggested that Cao Shuang take over the prestigious Sun Li in the military, but He Yan did not agree. Eventually Cao Shuang decided to send Sun Li to the state as a provincial governor. In the Sima Prefecture, Sun Li came to visit Si MaYi, Si MaYi looking ill and dying. Si MaYi's decadent Sun Li greatly puzzled and incredible.

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