The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]
The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]

《The Advisors Alliance》Ep13:Jiang Wei fraud cut Chencang Kong Ming repair book excited Cao District

Descending Shu Wei Wei cheat the city gates, Shujun wantonly into the warehouse, the wall suddenly solid ineffective. Gatehouse Department, Wei Jun Shujun fierce fighting, Wei army outnumbered, Chencang fall. Zhu GeLiang car driving slowly into Chen Cangcheng, admiration for the loyalty and courage of Hao Zhao, Yong Zhao, want to Zhao Hao Zhao. However, Hao Zhao dead down, Jiang Wei had to be beheaded. Zhu GeLiang ordered thick burial Hao Zhao, pension their families. Since then, Shu Jun took over the positions of Chen Shuang in preparation for the army of Wang Shuang. Cao Zhen Camp, Cao Zhen furious, cried. However, it all came as no surprise to Wang Shuang and Cao Zhen that it was hard to breathe and ordered the graves of Jiang Wei to be taken away. For the sake of the present, he only turned to Si MaYi for help. Late at night, Cao Zhen visits Si MaYi large account. Due to the situation of Cao Zhen hesitated, think twice again or did not enter the big account of Si MaYi. Sun Li reported the war to Si MaYi, which Si MaYi already knows, but does not pretend to know it. Sun Li on behalf of Cao Zhen request Si MaYi without preconceived ideas, help Cao Zhen break Zhu GeLiang army. Si MaYi said he can make a contribution, but in the presence of Cao Zhen and the emperor Cao Rui, it is absolutely not his strategy. He does not seek meritorious but quest for happiness. Si MaYi said Zhu GeLiang's weakness is the lack of food and straw. The following day, Sun Li dedicated Si MaYi's insistent strategy to Cao Zhen, who was reluctant to get the result. However, as Sun Li dropped out, Cao Zhen still considered Si MaYi's tactics. Shu army camp, Zhu GeLiang et al suffer from the grain road has repeatedly been harassed by Wei Jun, army forage insisted not long ago. Zhu GeLiang said that this must be Si MaYi's tactics, Cao Zhen is absolutely impossible to figure out such a key. Immediately afterwards, the spies reported that Wei Li Sun Li escorting three thousand stone forage to Qishan West. Zhu GeLiang can see that this is a trick played by Cao Zhen. Similarly, Si MaYi, after knowing it, also said that such caricature skills Cao Zhen simply can not hide Zhu GeLiang. In the middle of the night, a small stock of Shu forces came to attack Sun Li's grain-delivery team. Sun Li, who was lying next to it, ordered the army to be killed and the two sides fought a fight. Cao Zhen saw fire in the distance, that Zhu GeLiang must go to rescue, so ordered the main out against Zhu GeLiang. At this moment, Sudden robbery Shu army retreat, then overwhelming rocket swept away, Wei Jun suddenly fell into the sea of ​​fire among the sea, so Wei Jun only know that one already in Zhu GeLiang's total plan. However, Si MaYi concluded that Zhu GeLiang must have robbed the camp late at night, and plans to evacuate as early as possible are still planned. In the meantime, in order not to suspect Cao Zhen, Si MaYi ordered to put it lightly and simply without carrying anything to make a hasty response. Shu Army Camp, Wei Jun main influx, who knows but rushed empty. Immediately followed by sky pouring pouring rain, Wei Jun sudden attack caught off guard, heavy casualties. Cao Zhen found himself in a camp fire, know the meter, ordered to return to rescue. At this very moment, Si MaYi, who had already made preparations earlier, had already left the detachment and ordered all the officers to wipe the pot into his face as an escape from the sea of ​​fire. The next day, early morning. Zhu GeLiang tour has been burned wreck Wei camp. Zhu GeLiang ordered a close back to Shu Shu, rainy and fiercer in the autumn, Cao Zhen a defeat must use Si MaYi's plan, then not good deal. So, taking advantage of the morale of Wei Jun setbacks in a timely manner is the right path.On the other hand, Cao Zhen remnants hid in a jungle, Cao Zhen looked sluggish. At this time, the poorly equipped Si MaYi father and son and the other side of the Sun Li also rushed to the rate, the same appalling appearance. For a time, Cao Zhen was angry to spit blood. Wei Jun new camp, Sun Li come for good policy. Si MaYi speculates that Zhu GeLiang will not be entangled again, and told Sun Li to remind Cao Zhen that if Shu army retreats calmly, it must not rush to chase it. Cao Zhen big account, Cao Zhen Zhu GeLiang learned that retreat, at the moment however, ordered the rate of 10,000 soldiers to chase. Sun Li did not hold back, revealing the exhortations of Si MaYi, Cao Zhen furious even more, insisted on pursuing chase. Qi Shan Xie Gu, Shu generals Wei Yan Feng Zhu GeLiang in this set of volts, cut Wei chase soldiers. Wei Jun led by Cao Zhen and Wang Shuang really came after millions of Zhuge Liannuowu have been waiting in the jungle on both sides of them. In the torrential rains, Wei Yan made an order, Zhuge Lian crossbow poured out of the sky, four traps everywhere, Cao Zhen sacked. Wang Shuang to save Cao Zhen, Wei Wei Yan deadly knife, the body of ten arrows, belligerent death. Wei Jun camp, General Wang Shuang's body was Shu returned. Cao Zhen desperate, difficult to self-restraint. Zhu GeLiang also revised a book, saying "Chinese prime minister, Wu Xiang Hou Zhu GeLiang, to the book before the big Sima Cao Zidan: steal the husband for the will, can go to be able to be able to just; able to retreat, Can not be as strong as the mountain, unpredictable such as yin and yang; infinite as heaven and earth, enrichment such as Taicang; vastness such as universal, dazzling Yao such as the three light.Astrology astronomical drought and flood, , Hides the enemy's short and long .No no schoolchildren, the inverse of the sky; to help usurp the thief, called the emperor in Luoyang; walking remnants in the valley, was rain in Chencang; surface water shortage, rampant man; Gejia, abandon the land of the knife and knife; collapse of heart collapse and courage, the general rat channeling and the wolf! No face Guanzhong father, what color into the phase of the hall! Historian Bingbi and record, the public outcry: Zhong Da Wen array and vigilance, son Dan lookout and shy! Our military strong and Zhuang Zhu, generals Fen Fengye; swept Qinchuan as Pyongyang, swinging Wei for fury! Spit blood unconscious.

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