The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]
The Advisors Alliance(TV)[2017]

《The Advisors Alliance》Ep25:Sima Yi massacre Gongsun Yuan

Lingyun station, Cao Rui know Guozhao dead, big heart. Si MaYi prosecuted that he had not been able to make a clear-sounding apprehension and immediately rushed to Yong An Palace and half-met Bi Xie's pedestrians, both of whom were relatively hostile. Immediately afterwards, when Chen Qun came out hoarsely, he told Si MaYi empress dowager Guo Zhao to make a fuss. Si MaYi, such as being struck by lightning, conceal inner anger. Cao Rui cryingly sends Guo Zhao behind him, Si MaYi resist the violent mood did not turn around to see Cao Rui. Whether Si MaYi believe it or not, this is all Cao Rui gave him, and Cao Rui seems to have Si MaYi. Distraught Si MaYi trance suddenly fell in front of the stone steps in the hall, Chen Qun is more awe of infiltration Weiduan on the ground. As of this moment, Si MaZhao, a fierce man of blood, glared at Cao Rui. Sima Prefecture, heard the news of Mrs. Sima Zhang ChunHua did not drip, Si MaYi is also weak. This home is now in the most difficult time. In front of the palace hall, Cao Rui held a state funeral for Empress Guo. Mishap, bad news came one after another, sad over the empire Chen Qun also died. Cao Rui DaWei less a good time Chen Chen, heartache, Yang Shen fainting in the past. Sagong formally reported funerals, Cao Rui looked at the vast Huangshan outside the Imperial City, knowing at this moment with their own game only Si MaYi left. How much Cao Rui hopes Si MaYi will be able to have some fun and die with Chen Qun, but Si MaYi would never do that. At this moment, Si MaYi is already an extremely powerful official for Cao Rui. If he is returned to Chang'an, Si MaYi is going to start an army and rebel. If he stays in Luoyang, his disciples are spread throughout the country. What happens is that Cao Rui is not willing to offend. On the outskirts of Luoyang, in front of the Chen Qun mausoleum, Si MaYi crouched with crutches and mourned his old companion, yin and yang. Si MaYi told her eldest son, Si MaShi, that she should study hard with her uncle and long-term vision of uncle Chen Qun. The four great ministers of the year, now only one left Si MaYi. Si MaShi also feels Cao Rui is too cold. Si MaYi was already chilling at Cao Rui. Before the tomb, Si MaYi kissed Ji Bu with Si MaShi and delivered all the safety to Ji Bu. In the hall, Si MaYi met with Cao Rui. Cao Rui explores all kinds of Si MaYi, Si MaYi water to cover, two monarchs and commissars, is already eccentric from Germany. Cao Rui, through the rebellion of Gongsun Yuan, the insurgents of Liaodong, supported the elderly Si MaYi to levy Liaodong north to reach the goal of killing him by rebel forces. As Cao Rui asks about the deadline for counterclaim, Si MaYi said it will be ten months away. After Cao Mai left, Cao Rui looked cloudy and cloudy. He compared Si MaYi to Wang Mang, a man of great power who wanted to make Liaodong the site of Si MaYi's burial. Sima House, West Court. Si MaYi Talks with Bai LingYun Fu Qin, Bai LingYun Worried about the safety of Si MaYi, Si MaYi said harshly that you want to borrow a knife to kill and see which knife is more profitable. However, Bai LingYun hopes that one day Si MaYi can eradicate long-lasting blood on its edge and swords are plowed. Si MaYi playing Zhu GeLiang song "Liang Yin", he envy Zhu GeLiang that is a knife, it is the person carrying the knife. Si MaYi has a great desire for power. A load of less than, Liaodong came the good news, Si MaYi victory.Cao Rui, who received the latest news, was shocked. Immediately after he heard that Si MaYi had slaughtered over 10,000 Gongsun Yuanmen and soldiers, Cao Rui was in a state of anger and was fainted. He fainted in fury.

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