one thousand and one nights' is the perfect ending for Zhang Hao only's performance as a fan weapon.

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Star relationship news: recently, byDilraba Dilmurat,Deng Lun,Zhang Hao only,Xudan Zhu,Starring in the urban romance dramaThousand and one nights"Is officially ending. In the play,Zhang Hao onlyplays the role of "sweet secretary" Chen mo andXudan Zhu,as zhou xinyan's "lollipops cp".Zhang Hao onlyhas been recognized by the audience with her strong performance.

Zhang Hao only becomes one of the brightest eyes in the role of "lollipops cp". & have spent Since its broadcast, "thousand and one nights" has been hotly discussed in real time on the Internet, and its broadcast volume has been rising steadily. Now it has exceeded 6 billion yuan. The fantasy plot setting and the youthful performance, so that the series continues to receive high attention. Among them,Zhang Hao onlyplays secretary germination Chen. No matter in any environment, he never leaves his mouth, and he never leaves his hands with candy. In the recently aired finale, the flower and the office trio ended their split and reunited, eventually saving the company from fire. The "lollipop cp", which was always sprinkled with sugar, finally got the certificate and got married.

Zhang Hao only's performance has been recognized as a new power

In the process of the hot broadcast of the series, while the number of words and phrases related to the characters on the network platforms has increased rapidly, Zhang Hao only's control of the characters has also been recognized by the audience. Following the hit TV seriesNirvana in Fire Ⅱ"In the novel, after the owner of nirvana in fire, the owner of the house of nirvana in fire, and the handsome and handsome Chen mo. In a quiet moment,Zhang Hao onlybrings to the audience two different kinds of brilliance with his gradually plump dramatic tension. As a small new power, it is not hard to find that all the dramas thatZhang Hao onlystarred in have achieved a double harvest of word-of-mouth and audience rating. The high quality of Zhang's works has become a unique symbol of Zhang Hao only, which makes the audience look forward to his works.

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