Nirvana in fire in langya bang(TV)[2017]
Nirvana in fire in langya bang(TV)[2017]
Nirvana in fire in langya bang(TV)[2017]

Nirvana in fire in langya bang(TV)[2017]

Episode: 50 Area: In mainland China
Stars: Xiaoming Huang Haoran Liu Liya Tong More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Sheng Kong Xue Li Yuhai Wei Year: 2017
Writer: Sea banquet Genre: The ancient legend
Producer: Hong-liang Hou

《Nirvana in fire in langya bang》Episodes

Daliang's reign was stable, but the border war was continuous, and chang Lin who guarded the northern part of daliang achieved military merits Liang Di (Jun Liu) with a weak heart and a young prince, Xun HuangHou (Ting Mei) and his brother Xun BaiShui (Yanjun Bi) afraid that the head of the palace of the king of the state of Lin gong gaoge, the pseudo-infiltration into the palace to the night qin people Pu YangYing (Jingfei Guo) using, frame long Lin wang Xiao TingSheng (Chun Sun) father and son, not only in a northern war cut off supplies, chang Lin shizi Xiao PingZhang (Xiaoming Huang) suffered serious injuries and even created a large-scale epidemic in Beijing. When tracing the process, ping zhang and his brother Xiao PingJing The poison (Haoran Liu) is poisoned. At this time, the north of the country is in danger. Ping jing was on the peaceful border of the country. After Liang Di died, ting sheng assisted the government, Xun BaiShui supported the planting Xiao YuanQi Hao Chen Wu (Hao Chen Wu) holds the military power to resist the imperial palace of changlin. Under their wiles, ping jing wins the accusation of resisting the imperial court for the common people.Yuan-kai secretly and has become the east sea Lord's uncle Mo ZiHou (Chen Taisheng) colludes with the traitors. After years of seclusion, Xiao YuanQi successfully foiled Xiao YuanQi's plot by starting his army in a desperate situation. After the completion of the daliang border rectification, ping jing left jinling and returned to private. .

Plot Summary>>

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