"A Thousand and One Nights" started a week leading the story reversal Chen Yi Long turned into a cold spy

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"A Thousand and One Nights " started a week to lead the story reversal Chen Yi Long turned into a cold spy

This year's summer hot drama series "One Thousand and One Nights" has been broadcasted for a week, not only with the market share of 8.4% of the data to get the first TV ratings, the entire network broadcasts with nearly 900 million outstanding results, leading the summer file, while Also occupy a strong position on hot topics. With the continuous advancement of the plot, this week also ushered in the "good girlfriend" Monan's identity reversal, so that the audience can enjoy watching while stunned.

Century warm man "Monan" sweet to melt Chen Yi Long acting is greatly appreciated

In the play, the first high-sugar man, Chen Yi Long, played the "Southern friend" Monan, and he met from the first time with the fun of Ling Lingqi, and after being a good friend, he was accompanied and comforted again and again. With a cute and warm heart, even some netizens commented, "I don't want a male ticket like Baihai, but I want a good sister like Monan!" Monan helped Baoni in the play to defend against various scum male peach blossoms. The perfect performance, even more so that netizens shouted Oscar Xiaojin people beckoning to you! In the latest plot, the "touching hug" of Monan and Qiqi is also a strong landing on the hot search list. This "Southern friend" who can tear and tear can tear away, and he wants to be with him, and his actor Chen Yi Long, also after the " Spring is better than you ", once again showed his high-sugar acting.

I know that Monan must not be simple. Chen Yi Long is so handsome.

In the week since the start of the broadcast, in addition to the romantic plot trend, the other biggest attraction is the reversal of the "blackening" of Monan. Monan has been transformed from a cute market into a cold commercial spy, Chen Yi Long The switch between warmhearted Monan and Gao Lengmo always makes the audience very enjoyable. "Chen Yi Long is so handsome in black! Seeking Chen Yi Long, don't let the charms shine again!" The call is growing. Although Monan began to reveal his boss's attributes, he still kept his concern and care for the seventy-seventh. His love for the seven or seven silently made people feel at ease, and he also looked forward to the feelings of Monan!

Should the guardian of love hidden in friendship still insist on it?

This week's plot continues to heat up, and Monan, who has been suppressing his feelings, is indifferent to the various indifferences and escapes of the Seven Seven. He has been careful to hide the love in friendship, how to put it? Monan not only ushered in a "composite" relationship with the "three sisters of Tiantai" of Qiqi and Baoni, but also staged a good show of cooperation with Baihai. Chen Yi Long will continue to perform the acting. What is the plan? Is the love that is questioned and denied that guard or persist?

The "Southern Friends" who have become the master of the South and the seven or seven who have finally become the florists will also be able to wipe out the sparks. Chen Yi Long will also bring you some wonderful performances. Let us wait and see this week!

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