one thousand and one nights' romantic ending official Deng Lun's appearance level and strength were both praised

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Star relationship news: byDeng LunStarring in the TV seriesThousand and one nightsThe series, which officially ended last night on hunan TV, has been in the spotlight ever since its debut, and has repeatedly retained its top spot in the ratings with excellent results. "Thousand and one nights" tells the story of bai hai and ling ling qi who get married by flowers and pursue true love and dream together. Lun Deng plays bo hai, the President of a flower art company. In the drama, his super appearance and real acting skills have been praised repeatedly and won numerous fans.

As the plot progresses, the misunderstanding between bai hai and ling ling qi is finally solved. In the final episode, the two people hold hands with each other once again after a year. And the "haze of childhood" that has kept bai hai from letting go since she was a child has been finally solved in the process of peeling away the truth that her mother died rather than abandoned herself. In his dream, he "met" his mother again. Bai hai felt as if he were the next generation. Deng Lun's performance of "gathering and gathering" has also been unanimously recognized by the audience.

As a modern urban love drama,Deng Lunnot only gives the audience "President" and "master of flower art" in the drama. The particularity of the story not only makes him have the ancient costume, the medieval and other modeling attempts, but also shows the possibility of his various characters. Whether it is the prince's lovely and weak, or the youth yingqi of zhan zhao, or the gentleness of the ningcai minister,Deng Lunpresents the dripping extreme, even in the characterization of the "President", he also brings the audience a great contrast of the lovable view. You can see the intentions of the characters and the characters.

"One thousand and one nights" has officially ended on hunan TV, and bai hai's "dream trip" has ended successfully. Deng Lun's new playFragrant honey embers"Will also premiere on August 2, showing the power of" the little prince on screen ". In Fragrant honey embers,Deng Lunplays the goddess of fire, xu feng. He will compose a love song of the third dynasty.

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