One thousand one night(TV)[2018]
One thousand one night(TV)[2018]
One thousand one night(TV)[2018]

One thousand one night(TV)[2018]

Episode: 45 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Dilraba Dilmurat Lun Deng Rui Zi Wang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Crystal Jin Year: 2018
Genre: Contemporary science fiction

《One thousand one night》Episodes

Bema hotel staff Ling LingQi is a good, helpful and good girl, but very weak and weak in character. This shortcoming seriously affected her life, making it hard for her to work hard to achieve her goal, and did not dare to express her feelings to her beloved colleague Bai Hai. An unexpected opportunity, she and Bai Hai participated in the dream technology company introduced to improve the sleep of high-tech bracelet test. Failure of the functional magnetic resonance apparatus in the bracelet mistakenly transmitted Ling LingQi's brainwave data to Bai Hai's dream model, which gave Ling LingQi the ability to enter the Bai Hai dreamland. Because only in the other's dream, Ling LingQi temporarily put down the weakness of inferiority in real life, and tries to help Bai Hai to overcome the psychological shadow left by her childhood. Dreams shine through to reality. The courage in dreams allows Ling LingQi to reflect on his own shortcomings in life. She actively changes her and gradually becomes confident and courageous. In the interlacement of dreamland and reality, the two young people who heal each other have a wonderful career and love.

Plot Summary>>

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