The Thousand and One Nights' story warms up! Chen Yi Long staged a love drama for Ai Chengquan

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" One Thousand and One Nights " story warms up! Chen Yi Long staged abusive drama for Ai Chengquan

Recently, the hit drama "One Thousand and One Nights" has been played more than half. After the espionage of Monan's identity broke out, there will be another plot climax this week! The playwright was also revealed in Weibo, and only half of the episodes were abused. The fire caused the audience to look forward to it and worry. At the same time, Monan also handed out his resignation letter, intending to go abroad to return to the idea, and the audience also expressed their distress.

Monan gave up the acquisition, Chen Yi Long’s crush on acting

In this week's plot development, in addition to the emotional line that the male and female protagonists gradually began to linger, the busiest is Monon. On the one hand, it is necessary to carry out the acquisition plan of its own secret operation, and on the other hand, it is a dilemma for the seven-seventh. In this complicated plot, Chen Yi Long's acting is also a great challenge.

Monan’s crush is getting more and more heart-wrenching, and countless shots have left a deep impression on the audience. I wanted to confess to the seven or seven but was interrupted by Baihai. Help Seven Seven to test Bohai, when she heard that she said not to do so, it instantly turned red eyes. I saw that the kisses of Qiqi and Baihai were sad and walked away. Drinking alone at the beach, and the picture of the seven-seven-one road, finally let him decide to abandon the acquisition. Chen Yi Long's online acting has brought Monan's portrayal to the extreme.

Calculating the world only protects you! Monan ignited the girl’s heart

After the espionage of Monan broke out, it also caused a hot discussion among netizens. On the hot search list, netizens said that they know that Monan is not simple! It is also evil, with Boss identity, and a little black belly and smart infatuation, Monan, praised the netizen's girl heart, plus Chen Yi Long freely switching the superb acting, this calculation is only protected worldwide It’s hard not to be tempted by Monan of the Seven Seven.

After the fire did not dismantle Baihai and Qiqi, but instead let the two people's feelings go further, Monan decided to leave, even if he was questioned because the seven seven did the case, but still did not waver, put all the, but only I can't let alone seven or seven, and would rather be her best friend. It's such a rare good girlfriend. No wonder the netizens are calling: Donan doesn't want to go.

Successfully shaped the flower elite, Chen Yi Long personally studied flower arrangement

In this romantic collection full of beautiful bouquets, Chen Yi Long also said that after receiving the role of Monan, he also made some efforts to understand the profession of the florist. He always insists on Chen Yi Long, who has no shortcuts to acting, and believes that only by personal experience can he better understand the role and build self-confidence.

Chen Yi Long said in an interview: "In the beginning, I searched for flowers on the Internet. I looked at myself and took photos to my mother. As a result, she said, 'What is this?' I don’t think so. I personally went to visit a special professional friend who would do floral art, and taught me to find the feeling.” Until his work was recognized by his mother as being bought, he felt that he was ready, which is why Monan can The secret to the audience's heart.

As of this week, the "One Thousand and One Nights" National Network has maintained a rating of 2.03 and a market share of 7.74% for 15 consecutive days. The cumulative play volume of the whole network has reached 2.5 billion! This week, we continue to abuse our hearts and always stay, let us look forward to the wonderful performance of Chen Yi Long.

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