“The popular TV series' thousand and one nights', Zhang Hao only started the crazy sugar spraying mode successfully.”

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Star relationship news: byDilraba Dilmurat,Deng Lun,Zhang Hao only,Xudan Zhu,Co-starring in the TV seriesThousand and one nights"Is being broadcast on hunan TV. So far, the total cumulative total network broadcast volume has reached 4.5 billion. Zhang Hao only, who plays Chen mo in the play, is recognized by the audience. The show's Ms. Chen finally manages to win over Ms. Zhou (Xudan Zhu) through a series of challenges, and the two are officially boyfriend and girlfriend, starting their office romance routine.

In the latest episode of the series, Chen mo starts the dog-abuse mode, and every day brings his girlfriend the convenience of love. He abuses the whole office. Work and make a net friend unexpectedly contrast is that fitting in secretary in the face of his girlfriend "torture" death Chen: "what I did today change", but by second steel straight men "QiuShengYu". But the net friend is happy to hear, still insert knife in succession to say: "Chen secretary, you also have today."

The biggest difference betweenZhang Hao onlyand Chen mo in life is that she can't flirt. In the interview,Zhang Hao onlyadmitted that he is a straight man and would be helpless when faced with such problems. Although the private contrast betweenZhang Hao onlyand Chen mo is great, it does not affect his creation of such roles, which also proves Zhang Hao only's excellent performance.

Zhang Hao only in the play outside the contrast is very outspoken that he will not lift his sister

Zhang Hao only has been praised by netizens for his acting skills.

With his mature and serious work, self-love in life and caring and affectionate love in love,Zhang Hao onlysuccessfully grasped the multifaceted nature of his characters and explained them incisively and vividly. "I like Zhang Hao only's Chen mo very much and he is full of drama," one netizen commented.

The silence was liked by the audience, andZhang Hao onlydetails to careful observation of life as an actor, studying the role of professional instincts, and he himself has said: "around an actor must pay attention to small details, because you can't experience each role identity and point of view, but what do you see what others have been through, to mind again, there will be a good reference."

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