the thousand and one nights ended last night! Chen Yi Long tries to turn things around and achieve the perfect ending."

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Star relationship news: last night, accompanied everyone a hot summer TV series,Thousand and one nightsThe big finale, in which,Chen Yi LongAs moran, it also becomes the key to the plot. After suffering the pain of revenge, he finally made peace with qi qi qi and decided to retake huajia with bai hai, so the ending is in a perfect direction!

Ratings continue to drift red, monan has become the focus of many searches!

Since its debut on June 25, the TV series "the thousand and one nights" has seen a steady increase in the number of TV shows on the Internet. At the same time, the drama has also maintained the first record of the same segment of satellite TV for several consecutive days with a national network rating of 1.31 and a market share of 5.39 percent.

In addition to the favorable ratings, "the thousand and one nights" has also attracted wide attention on the Internet. The number of microblog topics has reached 1.3 billion, and the number of discussions in the first week has exceeded 17.3 million. #Chen Yi Longmonan # and #Chen Yi Longone thousand and one nights # topic reading volume also exceeded ten million. During the broadcast of the TV series,Chen Yi Longshowed a soaring popularity index on all kinds of platforms. With this role,Chen Yi Longcontinued to top the one-day list of artists' traffic and the list of artists' screen dominance!

At the same time,Chen Yi Longplays mo nan, who is also a regular on the hot search list. Words related to TV series such as "seven days of mo nan", "seven days of mo nan", "Chen Yi Long" and "set by mo nan people" are frequently searched on weibo. The people of moran became one of the highlights of the whole play, and many audiences were attracted by the people of monan who were also evil, big boss level, black, smart and crazy, and even called "the most powerful man number two". The traffic strength ofChen Yi Longis confirmed again!

From xiao bai to mo nan,Chen Yi Longhas become the model of sunshine boy!

Chen Yi Long impressed audiences more than last year's hitSpring is better than you", he plays xiaobai, an 80’s ABC, with a straightforward, humorous personality and countless fans. Pursue love boldly, insist, for the person who loves oneself can give everything, even accompany in silence, let him become the model of warm man!

Mo nan in "thousand and one nights" is also a big challenge for Chen Yi Long. From students to social elites, from pure sunshine boy to business spies bearing hatred,Chen Yi Longvividly interprets mo nan's multifaceted nature and complexity. Even with such a complex person, Chen Yi Long's warmth has not decreased at all. After experiencing the baptism of hatred, mo nan, who is finally relieved of his burden, still stands shoulder to shoulder with his friends to fight against the evil forces. He silently wishes the beloved qi qi and bai hai to get back together again, so as to hide his happiness and sorrow. It can be said thatChen Yi Longperfectly interprets sunshine boy image again!

Let you be proud of me, monan to turn the tide to a perfect ending!

& have spent From south into the role of revenge with BaiHai jointly, "one thousand nights" also from a heavy atmosphere of shang dou to return to the fairy tale ending wind, in the face of love, friendship and hatred, mo south from a misunderstood spy weight rebound male image, the return of the "south friends" also aggravate the bankrupt flower BaiHai hands back, let the plot sublimation again. With five years' imprisonment and a huge fine, he brought the bad guys to justice, revealed a scheme that had been hidden for many years, and finally put an end to the story.

"I want you to be proud of me! It is extremely touching. In the same way, for Chen Yi Long, the image of mo nan has been presented in a rich way, giving the audience a deeper understanding and perception, and making his fans and audiences proud of it. His efforts for the role, and even his own learning of the floral arts, confirm his determination as an actor to bring better performance to the audience. I look forward to Chen Yi Long's continuous efforts to bring more excellent works to you!

& have spent Click here:A thousand and one nights

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