10.16 youku harbour theatre carnival attack tvb god goddess parachuting

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& have spent With the Eclipse storm "," Jump lifeline With the popularity of dramas such as "Hong Kong drama", the Hong Kong drama set off another "small climax", and this is just the beginning. On oct 16, youku will hold the "" youku port theatre carnival" "offline. The carnival will completely restore the photo and card scenes of Hong Kong's landmark street scenes, provide authentic Hong Kong food and snacks for free, and the god goddess from TVB will come to the scene and get close contact with fans, so as to create a luxurious Hong Kong flavor tour for fans and VIP members.

& have spent Port air carnival! Bring you an immersive experience of Hong Kong flavor and harbor view

& have spent What is the status of Hong Kong dramas in the hearts of audiences? " Find Qin Kee ", "the golden branch"," Line Walker "," Forensic Heroes Classics such as "" are unforgettable to audiences today. Bosco Wong , Julian Cheung , Damian Lau ,Hui Shiu - hung,Hong Kong drama big coffee, occupy the expression pack "half of the river". Ah Sir, lawyer, police officer and other professional dramas have the special significance of career enlightenment in the hearts of countless audiences. Therefore, some people describe: Hong Kong drama is a generation of memories in the hearts of generations of resonance! And youku.com theater has the latest and most complete Hong Kong drama resources, watching Hong Kong drama on the general consensus of the mainland audience. The youku port theater carnival on October 16 will be full of expectations.

& have spent According to the organizers, the main feature of the carnival is "Hong Kong atmosphere in Hong Kong". In order to create a perfect immersive experience, the carnival will not only set up a number of Hong Kong landmarks that can be recognized at a glance. For example, the yau ma tei police station, tseung kwan o hospital, as well as the neon sign, sugar water shop and other very Hong Kong setting of many classic Hong Kong dramas. Some of the scenes are even 1:1. Fans of Hong Kong dramas can see not only the scenes in the popular shows Jump lifeline and Eclipse storm, but also many similar scenes full of memories of killing Hong Kong dramas. At the carnival site, chatting with the classic lines of Hong Kong drama, taking photos with the same expression package of Hong Kong drama, I believe that Hong Kong drama fans will fall into it.

& have spent TVB god goddess close contact feelings of the face to guess

With the real landscape, there will be many characters in the drama, and TVB gods and goddesses will also be airborne, and will also be a big battle team. Julian Cheung, star of Eclipse storm, Jump lifeline, Fiona Sit ,Joe Ma (actor)Will it show up? "Queen" Charmaine Sheh There are many fans in the mainland Raymond Lam It has also become the anticipation of Hong Kong drama fans. It is reported that the organizers carefully arranged for the entertainers unique appearance and funny and funny interactive game content, and also for the Hong Kong drama like the audience left a lot of creative nostalgic fun design. Fans who perform well on site will also be "pampered by power" fans.

& have spent Youku.com theater is dedicated to creating a one-stop welfare experience for Hong Kong drama fans. It not only provides the latest TV series of TVB, but also offers mobile army, Eclipse storm andAnti - black"," Flying Tigers Sneak Pole Warfare The co-productions of youku and Hong Kong's established production companies, such as youku, have more than 3,000 episodes of popular Hong Kong drama resources in the past 20 years. It can be said that youku Hong Kong theater has the latest and most complete Hong Kong drama resources. Offline, in addition to the highly anticipated carnival, youku harbor theater will also provide VIP members with exclusive CARDS for fans of Hong Kong drama, Hong Kong drama detective class and other rights of fu Leeteuk.

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