Eclipse storm' scored 7.6 highly praised co-production model breaking hong kong drama 'mid-life crisis

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Linkeddb News October 12Produced by youku.com and produced by media media Eclipse storm "Is in the heat. assembled Julian Cheung , Fiona Sit , Sunny And Hong Kong drama golden supporting cast, since the beginning of the audience has been full of expectations. With the complicated plot and complicated characters, the advantages of "cool drama" are increasingly prominent. The audience's attention begins with the cast, getting bogged down in the plot and unable to control themselves once they enter the "pit". By the time of publication, the total broadcast volume of "Eclipse storm" exceeded one billion, with a rating of 7.6 on douban. In terms of topics, the identity of ultimate boss, the development of CP line and the future of brothers have been widely discussed.

& have spent The rhythm of the rocket burns brain drama to reveal human Julian Cheung Fiona Sit one-on-one hit black evil group

The Eclipse storm focuses on the escape of Briza media (Julian Cheung), a Hong Kong police officer accused of conspiring with drug dealers to kill his partner and good friend fan yi (Sunny). In desperation, fan came back from the dead to clear Briza media of suspicion. Everything looks like it's back on track, but there's a big conspiracy going on. In the interest of justice, Briza media and Jane winslet have joined forces to pursue the dark side of the matter, and a vicious black and white struggle ensued.

The show is now halfway through its run, and the plot is in "high energy" mode. Jane wenshan (Fiona Sit) went to Budapest to prove her innocence, and hacker codes and mysterious chips were featured. Behind the "truth" is a bigger mystery. The "high table society", a criminal group with unknown powerful forces, has emerged to buy, frame, manufacture drugs, and do whatever it takes to achieve its goals. The talons and influence of these forces have permeated the whole world, greatly enhancing the story pattern of the play and the degree of Zhang Cheng.

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Different from the expectations of the audience in the initial stage of the broadcast, Eclipse storm has changed from "kaji feelings drama" to "public praise drama" as the plot heat continues to ferment. The audience's focus has shifted to the story itself. What is the identity of the ultimate boss? When Briza media and fan yi stand in front of Jane wenshan, what will become of their entangled emotions? Along with step by step, the darkness and distortion of human nature gradually appear.........

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"Eclipse storm" douban 7.6, in the past two years in the co-production of a good performance, the total number of broadcast has exceeded one billion. As a co-production, it is easy to find that the success of the play is no accident. In terms of the choice of actors, the main mode of "hardcore leading actor + golden supporting actor" is not only well-known in Julian Cheung, Sunny, Fiona Sit, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but also absorbed Paul Chun ,Siu - Ming Lau,Law Kar - ying,,Hui Shiu - hung,And other Hong Kong "gold bones". As early as the official publicity lineup time, by Hong Kong drama fans to severely "lock dead". In terms of genre, it inherits the necessary conditions of classic Hong Kong dramas such as undercover anti-drug, undercover and anti-black, etc., adding elements such as hackers and transnational crimes to add more surprises to the plot. In terms of plot, "Eclipse storm" adheres to the principle of "no water injection and no delay". The plot develops like a rocket, and people frequently receive boxed meals, which meets the market demand for "cool" dramas. In addition, the introduction of brain-burning mode of further deciphering is another highlight of the Eclipse storm. Many audience members followed the leading actor all the way to draw a cocoon and couldn't help Shouting that "the hairline has been moved".

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As a co-production Hong Kong drama, Eclipse storm broke through the previous production limitations, and shot live scenes in Hong Kong, Budapest and Kuala Lumpur successively, breaking the traditional police and gangster Hong Kong drama only happened in Hong Kong or Thailand. In the scene, both the bullet fight, or the scene of a hand-to-hand fight with a gangster, the audience remember vividly. It is understood that a lot of actors in the shooting process to show better effects with injuries, actors Toby Leung In filming the scene of "burying alive", the face is directly buried in the soil without any cover, and the professional dedication is admirable. & have spent & have spent & have spent With the joint efforts of the production team behind the scenes, the Eclipse storm successfully broke the "midlife crisis" of hong kong-style police and bandit dramas, and will be sent to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other regions as high-quality dramas in the future.


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