The film "Disguise" reveals Charmaine Sheh's special edition of the 30 city business.

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Directed by the famous director Herman Yau , Francis Ng , Julian Cheung , Charmaine Sheh , Chrissie Chau , Zheng Zeshi, Wilfred Lau starring, Louis Cheung , Sam Lee (actor) starring in the criminal action suspense movie " Disguise " today exposed Charmaine Sheh character special series, Charmaine Sheh, who played the journalist for the first time, faced enormous challenges. Under the dual threat of unfounded virus catastrophes and bizarre kidnappings, he still chose to seek truth and fight for life.

Shocking Conspiracy Shows Charmaine Sheh Sticks to Justice

The film "Disguise" tells the story of Francis Ng, Julian Cheung's policeman and Charmaine Sheh's reporter going to investigate the truth as the virus plagues the world. The mysterious organization "Disguise" for the sake of safeguarding justice and exposing the truth, the virus has plagued the frequent serial homicides, and more unsuspecting conspiracy plots have gradually emerged in the investigation process. The reporter who was played by Charmaine Sheh continued to dig up the truth even though she was in distress several times.

In this special edition of the exposure, Charmaine Sheh stated that the reporter’s career is really too difficult. In order to report some facts, he chooses justice, rights, and his own life, and even he does not hesitate to put himself in danger. When talking about re-working with Francis Ng, she said that the difference between this time and the past was that the relationship between the two people never recognized the slow contact. The policeman played by Francis Ng initially did not agree with her practices until He found himself a very righteous journalist before he began to help himself find the truth.

30 city business viewing video widely acclaimed classic combination to create the most dare to shoot Hong Kong film

At present, the film has opened road shows in the country, and in some cities to advance business viewing, gaining many praise. Francis Ng, Julian Cheung, Charmaine Sheh's three classic Hong Kong films again joined hands to bring the most authentic Hong Kong films to the audience. The industrial conspiracies involved in the films highlight the “Dare to Take” element. More viewers commented on the film: “The classic elements of Hong Kong films such as racing, gun battles, explosions, and vigilance pursuits are all quite a few! The screens are breathtaking, the pace is tight, and the atmosphere is chilly. We recommend you watch!” “The summer holiday must-see, classic All of Hong Kong's film elements are present. The director and several actors are the protection of the film." "Seeing the classic combinations of these Hong Kong films to re-cooperate is really touching, I hope there will be more such classic Hong Kong films for everyone to watch." "A lot of praises have also made other audiences look forward to eagerly expecting a movie.

The movie “Disguise” was produced by Yindu Institution Co., Ltd., Erdong Film Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Star Amoy Film Co., Ltd., China Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd., and Sun Entertainment Film Co., Ltd., and is an extraordinary entertainment production company, Tianjin Zhongwei. Cultural Communication Co., Ltd., Broadway Universal Entertainment Limited, Sage Music Affairs Ltd., Zhongdi Yibang Film & Television Media Co., Ltd, AStar International Entertainment (Hong Kong) Limited, Cannes (Cannes) Global China Film Exhibition Co., Ltd., Ed Sheeran Holdings Co., Ltd. and Tairun Group Co., Ltd. jointly produced products.

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