Autumn winter street shooting so worn to see charmaine sheh jiarong lv qi wei wenwan delicate

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Linkeddb News October 29Imperceptibly already arrived October end, air temperature also becomes cold gradually with the pace of winter rise, do everybody have the new beautiful autumn winter dress that adds beautiful for oneself chest? Some girls worry themselves in the autumn and winter in order to keep warm and carelessly dressed into big dumplings, but also worried that they will not learn to fold wear girls, do not worry, the entertainment circle with a group of street shooting minutes to teach you how to avoid looking too heavy in the autumn and winter!

1. Charmaine Sheh Jiarong Lv Qi Wei wenwan delicate. JPG

4. 'leggy sperm' Qi Wei reappears with sunglasses as a bright spot. JPG

Charmaine Sheh The big navy blue wool overcoat is bursting

" Story of Yanxi Palace In the xian princess for the love and hate and love dearly, Charmaine Sheh is not only acting extraordinary winner, is wearing an invisible talent, the cloth is dark blue coat just her mature and steady heavy, the waist design properly show the measure of the waist, long legs, and V is gotten in front of the necklace is used to decorate her little skill, let integral modelling looks not so thick, also added a gentle woman flavour, open-toed black wool cloth with soft nap of high-heeled shoes is also very nifty part, tie-in Charmaine Sheh bind up the black long hair, Instantly distills the flavor of the literary light ripe female.

2. Charmaine Sheh heavy blue wool overcoat bursting gas field. JPG

Suiting head Jiarong Lv nymph

& have spent Actor Jiarong Lv is of a certain status in fashionable circle, a small suit is her one of the most unique feeling design collocation, upper body both shirt collar, belt type, body-hugging, coat tails belongs to different length of Mosaic style, this dress in a dignified and elegant at the same time discard the serious feeling, and very capable and rocks along with the gender, Jiarong Lv makeup look elegant, tried to comb back on hair handsome slicked back, a pair of stars eardrop driving up for whole female charm, the cool and beautiful combination of outfit is qiu dong season out of choice of the street, Jiarong Lv instantly turns into an exquisite goddess, full of power.

3. Suit with oil head Jiarong Lv turned delicate goddess. JPG

& have spent leptin Qi Wei Reproduce the river's lake Dark glasses

& have spent Qi Wei the uprightness small sister airport hit again, this time she still not stingy to show her a pair of big long legs, with a black horn wide-legged pants elongated body lines, totally worth fans to give the title of "long legs", in addition to the leg length, Qi Wei also deliberately small waist, inclined shoulder bag is adorned with rivet, overall cool out immediately and domineering, black cap, small black coat, trousers and black bag, to avoid wearing black single, Qi Wei with a pair of red glasses broke the visual effects, present a confident lazy fashion sense.


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