“the story of yanxi palace” charmaine sheh is too black to be true.

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" The story of Yanxi Palace "A part of xian fei by Charmaine Sheh Acting, this with the vast number of drama fans is very amazing, as long as she appears a mouth, 14 years ago TVB version of the golden branch jade evildoers will appear in front of the children, but at that time the young Lord of erchun first black after white, now the xian fei first white after black.


When the xian concubine insisted on being a good person, she was as gentle and lovely as queen fucha, but when she blackened, she was one of the few top black abdominal masters.

  1. She was alone in the VAT of the harem


Xian fei is deeply in love with the emperor, is blindly giving the true love of no return. She sewed many of the emperor's clothes, shoes and socks all the year round, for she feared that the level of the ladies in the palace was not as good as that of the emperor. But the emperor's concubines were numerous, and her devotion was not entirely flattering.

In the harem she insisted on being herself, never stirring up cliques. Whether it was pure concubine's seemingly kind help, or gao guifei's combination of hard and soft, she insisted on her own bottom line to refuse.

Xian fei unknown to do the good old woman, but no one can see her, in fact if there is no subsequent encounter, she is planning to so quiet down.

Persistence pays off


No matter how much her mother pleaded with her brother, who was arrested on suspicion of corruption, she refused to rescue her brother from prison. Later, her father was sent to prison because of gao guifei. Then her brother died of illness.

She was a whole family, and suddenly she was caught dead. The wise girl knew who was responsible for all this, of course.

Xian fei is deeply in love with the emperor, she does not fight for discipline and law abiding by the rules of the palace, but what she keeps to human nature is the death of her family, the public cynicism, is the xian fei went into a rage, do not leak the road to the dark.

3. The first battle has been successful one after another.


The emperor asked xian fei to take care of her brother, the baby's biological mother, pleasure concubines, to falsely accuse her of abusing monkeys. Innocent xian fei in the side of nothing to say, just to make a pitiful, self-aggrieved chunfei for her enumerate evidence exonerate, and chunfei's arrival is her design.


The pleasure concubines had not let her go, but in the middle of the night ran to kill her, and completed her first steps to capture her son and revenge. Before the virtuous xian fei disappeared in this way, human life in her case is to block my road of death!

Happy valley and the bride's family and sent to a concubine, the emperor thought children with or belonging to the family, the xian princess say all listen to the arrangement of the emperor, but in front of him as a play, the night half luminous feet to take care of may, get yourself in the foot of the blood-stained, the emperor saw don't have the heart to they acquiesced, or then made her look after may.

Does she really love this child, or does she use this child as a bargaining chip to get the attention of the emperor, or she wants the mother and the son to be expensive, which will be explained in the following story.


The queen is pregnant to keep a baby, gao guifei is also safe, the back palace can finally be peaceful for two days, who knows xian fei ran to gao guifei in front of, three words to stir up trouble, let gao guifei hit the queen in the fetal idea.

It is not clear whether the concubine was seeking revenge on her, or to replace her with death. But think of the queen so considerate of her, now she is so cruel to kill the queen, really cold blood!


Xian fei quietly revenge, the means do not trace the capture of the black of her total determination. Now that Charmaine Sheh's version of the lady is no longer a white lotus flower for everyone to cheat on, fans of the show who don't think it's a big deal are finally expecting her to turn black.

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