The main producer of eclipse storm', 'reminiscing about the hard work of shooting, zhang zhilin pokes fun at xue kaiqi's mandarin

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Star connection September 27Produced by youku.com and produced by media media The Eclipse storm "Is in the heat. On sept 26, starring zhang , Fiona sit , Chen Jinru , Lee thought letter , Benz hui When visiting youku, zhang zhilin and xue kaiqi, two good friends of youku.com reviewed the arduous shooting process of the play.

Zhang zhilin xue kaiqi good partner with the platform open mutual hatred mode to threaten to take off

In the play, zhang zhilin plays glide Is the drug investigation bureau inspector, and Wang yangming Fan yi, the head of the drug investigation department, fights together on the front line of the war on drugs, but moves towards a different fate because of his involvement in the dark forces and conspiracy. Hsueh plays Jane wenshan, the senior inspector of the serious case team. From the initial antagonism, she and zhang zhilin are bound together gradually in the mist of the case and gradually become lovers

On the activity, zhang zhilin xue kaiqi two people on the stage on each other, contributions more than laughter. "It's difficult to work with xue because she doesn't understand mandarin. She has to translate the script every time. I feel sorry for her when she pronounces the script." The host added a knife to one side, so you are abhorrence kaiqi's Chinese is not good? The two of them responded in unison. "no, I don't like her." Later, zhang said, "we are not good friends but enemies. When the cooperation is over, we are ready to withdraw our attention."

Although the mouth to each other, but from the degree of tacit understanding, it is not difficult to see the friendship between the two. Talk about the filming of what suffered? Zhang zhilin tried hard to recall, xue kaiqi quickly pointed to the head to remind, zhang zhilin this just remember, oneself shoot a play process was subjected to "capital punishment" : The same Taiwan main makers are unable to resist professional zhilin ge thumbs up. Xue also suffered a lot in the shooting, said it is the most run play, especially the side of zhang zhilin run particularly fast, can only be hard to chase him.

"Brother joy" xu shaoxiong was surprised to appear at the scene of the old drama

On the day of the event, several creators have finished chatting behind the scenes, answering netizens' questions, playing games with lucky audiences, and restoring classic lines in the drama. In the game, the male god zhang zhilin two seconds break work, "black hole" essence of the leakage undoubtedly, finally had to eat lemon punishment. He ate a large piece of lemon, and even though he tried to disguise it, he could see that his eyes were red with acid. At this point, the best friend xue kaiqi online joke: "eating eyes are bigger."

With 40 years' experience, xu shaoxiong, a veteran actor in a Hong Kong drama, also added to the day's activities. The golden supporting actor, who has appeared in nearly 100 classic Hong Kong dramas, has become a representative figure in the hearts of many Hong Kong fans. The Line Walker In the film, the image of the joy-brother is deeply rooted in people's hearts. The scene, "brother joy" xu shaoxiong is more of a golden sentence, speaking of the most unforgettable scene, he said bluntly, "I most unforgettable is that my role killed, the crew of the entire pay to my account" funny the audience. Near the end of the event, xu shaoxiong also did not forget to tease himself, "I usually act without lines."

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