Eclipse day storm' 919 begins julian cheung undercover in pursuit of the mystery

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Star connection September 12The original super series" The Eclipse Day Storm It was announced that it will be broadcast on youku on September 19. The show is produced by ding heng, Leung Tommy , Shu Chen, The supervision, Hong JinPo Directed, Julian Cheung, , Fiona Sit , Sunny , Edmond Leung , Chen Jinru , Li Si letter , Toby Leung And so on strength generation actor hand in hand Paul Chun , Siu - Ming Lau , Law Kar - ying, , Hui Shiu - hung, , Evergreen Mak Cheung - ching And so on numerous Hong Kong drama elder play star.The Eclipse Day Stormgathers the strongest points of Hong Kong dramas such as undercover, anti-drug and gunfight, and launches a fight between life and death in the layout of a dangerous plot.

Julian Cheung was framed and fled abroad forFiona SitandSunnybrothers

Eclipse Day Storm gathers classic elements of Hong Kong drama and the strongest cast. It has been widely shot in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Budapest, and has attracted great attention without being broadcast. In the first action video released today, many scenes of gunfights and close-ups in the streets are seen, and the tension is gripping. It's played by Julian Cheung Briza media As the inspector general of the drug investigation bureau, fan yi, played by Sunny, is working together on the front line of drug control. However, his involvement in the dark forces and the plot against the sky leads to a different fate. In the trailer, Julian Cheung, Fiona Sit,Sunnyand others are seen shuttling through the rain of gunfire, and the intense drama of lane combat, street fighting, and city-wide manhunt is played out in a succession of short cuts. The realistic visual effect of the film and its progressive background music make the atmosphere even more tense and challenge the audience's nerves!

Besides, the emotional entanglements of the three are more interesting.Briza media(Julian Cheung) secretly loves the fiancee of good friend fan yi (Sunny) Simple article Over the years, the pair's fortunes have been tied up by a number of mysteries, from rivalry to friendship, and have been one of the flashpoints for the anti-purpose ofBriza mediaand fan yi brothers.

Classic Hong Kong drama golden lineup team up police bandit law sang men to challenge strong heart

"Eclipse Day Storm" also brought together Law kar-ying, Hui shiu-hung, Paul Chun, siu-ming Lau, and many other Hong Kong drama veterans to join the golden lineup. Hui shiu-hung, in particular, reminded people of his classic image of a brother who is also evil. The role of theThe Eclipse Day Stormis still difficult to distinguish between good and evil.

Besides, the behind-the-scenes team is also an absolute gold medal team, including Leung Tommy, who has more than 37 years' experience in the production of high-quality dramas, and the former TVB drama group creative director, who is also experienced Guan - ying, Ou ", which the pair have collaborated to create Bloodorgoodandevil ", "criminal detective files"," Genesis "," The Drive of Life "And many other Hong Kong drama classic golden combination to control the drama creation, to ensure quality.

According to the storyline of Eclipse Day Storm, it takes the transnational crime of new drugs as the main line in the international market, combines new drugs with medical technology, and focuses on the double contradiction between transnational crime and industrial chaos. It breaks through the traditional Hong Kong drama and strengthens the suspense plot and plot layout in the form of luo shengmen. In order to let fans enjoy the original Hong Kong police drama more directly, youku will launch the cantonese version of Eclipse Day Storm.

According to the released trailer, theThe Eclipse Day Stormhas a good effect on both the camera language and the texture of the film. The golden lineup and high-quality creation will definitely set off the strongest Hong Kong drama Storm this autumn. It is understood that the show will be broadcast exclusively on youku from 20 o 'clock on September 19. VIP members will watch it every Wednesday and Friday, and non-members will update one episode every day.

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