Charmaine sheh' rejected 'story of yanxi palace' for fear of being hated

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Linkeddb News October 24 & have spent Summer 2018 Story of Yanxi Palace Not only is it popular in mainland China, but audiences in Hong Kong and Taiwan are also cheering. Charmaine Sheh It is also the peak of career for the girl princess in the Story of Yanxi Palace. Charmaine Sheh nearly missed the Story of Yanxi Palace in the fifth season of luyu, which was broadcast on southeast TV.

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& have spent & have spent & have spent 2004 "the granddaddy" of the palace drama The golden branch wants to be In 2018, Charmaine Sheh became the king of the hot topics of the major websites for her role in Story of Yanxi Palace. Charmaine Sheh rose to fame again after 20 years in showbiz, thanks to her passion for acting and constant polish. In the Story of Yanxi Palace, no matter the setting of the characters or the superb interpretation, with only a few eyes, Charmaine Sheh showed the character's belly black incisively and vividly, making people sincere. One of the "queen break" 8 minutes of the classic bridge, more known as the industry as "textbook acting".

& have spent & have spent & have spent However, Charmaine Sheh, who appeared on southeast TV's about a day in luyu, said her first reaction after seeing the script for the Story of Yanxi Palace was to reject it. In addition to the language barrier and his own serious cervical spine injuries, but also worried that the role of Mrs. Han is too bad, afraid that netizens will hate themselves. It turned out that Charmaine Sheh had been rejected as "The golden branch wants to be" in 2004 due to her being so dark and dark that she was rejected by The client: "too bad, let's not choose her", which made Charmaine Sheh worry a lot before she took over The role of Story of Yanxi Palace: "is it so serious?" Fortunately, Charmaine Sheh has also taken into account the different ages and the different thinking of the audience when watching the play. The images created by characters with different personalities are just existing in the play, not equal to the reality. It was Charmaine Sheh's persistence that made her shine in Story of Yanxi Palace. Although she was a "villain", she was loved and pursued by numerous netizens and audiences.

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& have spent & have spent & have spent For more highlights, please tune in to southeast TV's "luyu has a date of one day" airing at 21:13 on oct 24, and channel TV will air at 20:07 on oct 30.

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