Spring is better than you(TV)[2017]
Spring is better than you(TV)[2017]

《Spring is better than you》Ep4:Episode 4

Xiao Hong for Qiu Shui hold an injustice and instructors challenge, unexpectedly implicated his own punishment Qiu Shui injured. Qiu Shui took the steal canned fault and was punished, he therefore became the instructor focus of the object. Instructors begged Zhao YingNan to be the training director for the head of the petition party. The chief criticized and punished the entire row. The British men were criticized by their classmates. Qiu Shui wittied to help British men. When the British man learned that her grandmother was sick, she asked Qiu Shui for help. Qiu Shui called her grandmother with her night break in the radio room. Qiu Shui rock music caused a sensation, he also captured the opportunity to publish an article about advocating freedom of speech.

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