Episode: 35 Area: China Hong Kong
Stars: Yiu-Cheung Lai Carlos Chan John Chiang More>> Language: Cantonese
Year: 2018
Genre: Drama


TVB's hit film "Backstab", including Tony Lai, David Chiang, Lin Xia Wei, Chen Jiale, Jiang Xinyan, Chen Shancong, Huang Shanyi and Yu Miao, resumed their positions in Tseung Kwan O TV City for the first time. Chen Jiale, Jiang David and Li Yao-xiang acted as the eldest son. Chen Jiale was experimentally frozen due to the anti-Japanese war of that year and was thawed in the modern times and reunited with his son Jiang David and Li Yaoxiang. Six months after the cast rehearsal Lai Yiu-hsiang like the story creative, there is no estimate of their own there will be a "frozen grandfather" Chen Jiale, asked after a long break and then the film will not get used to it? He said: "No, we wood Alley out. Rest six months after the filming, there are some new experiences, this opponent Xia Wen Xi, Chen Jiale, Chen Shancong are the first cooperation, fresh. "Li Yaoxiang Selling shut and said Xia Wen Xi drama is complex, mysterious, slightly Then revealed. And Chen Jiale first TVB long drama, he said: "Ten years ago, photographed" Clover ", is the first play this drama is not tried to open a factory to live in three machines, are very nervous, this time TV drama is pushed to accompany the film, a good mother is very good Li Yaoxiang, so be sure to shoot. (Loss of how much?) No loss, is a time hit, decided to pick TVB filming, can not be said of loss. "Rebellion" in Tseung Kwan O TV City try modeling, she is in the play and Chen Jiale is a pair, Xia Wen Xi plays her aunt. As in the play as a Sino-Japanese half-breed. Lin Xiawei and his father in Japanese dialogue is a big challenge, when learned that to play this role, she immediately found a Japanese teacher to learn, was a lot of pressure, full of mind full of Japanese: "a head like to burst." And played with Chen Jiale, Lin Xiawei think cooperation is fate, before watching his performance of the movie "Lucky Me" has been touched, I think he performed well. As for Xia Wenxi, who plays aunt, Lin Xiawei said: "She is a goddess in many people's eyes. I am so honored to be noble, elegant and have a lot of opponents with her.

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