Spring is better than you(TV)[2017]
Spring is better than you(TV)[2017]

《Spring is better than you》Ep13:Episode 13

Dai JiaoGuan demobilized left the army, Qiu Shui and all the students have repentance, the British men on behalf of the students salute to Dai JiaoGuan off. Qiu Shui recklessly go to the movies but suffer from no time to buy tickets, the British man and Xiao Hong overheard the competition after dark. British men urge Sun JiaoGuan help yourself to buy tickets, Xiao Hong sets almost with a dialect to persuade the cooking squad leader to help buy tickets. Xiao Hong listened to Xin Yi's decision to make himself romantic. She clips the movie ticket in the book and returns it to the boys' dormitory in person. However, until Qiu Shui discovers that the book was called by the British boy, the British man sent a movie ticket and requested a date, Qiu Shui excitement everywhere.

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