Flaming song(TV)[2017]
Flaming song(TV)[2017]
Flaming song(TV)[2017]

Flaming song(TV)[2017]

Episode: 52 Area: China Mainland
Stars: Vic Chou Dilraba Dilmurat Vin Zhang More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Shengquan Liang Li Weiji Year: 2017
Writer: Ink non-Po Genre: Costumes | Romance

《Flaming song》Episodes

"Agni" tells the ancient times, underworld harm the world's common people. Palace Lord An YeLuo like sisters dark night, but dark night married to warrior flying sky. An YeLuo is a retaliation for the war flying, flying a war baby born baby girl and Lieutenant Felix mirror birth baby boy bag. Fierce mirror as the baby girl named Lie RuGe, war flying baby named Zhan Feng. Battle flies dead, Lie Ming mirror Adoption Zhan Feng. Lie RuGe grew up with big brother Zhan Feng and two young brothers Yu ZiHan. Lie RuGe is in love with Zhan Feng. An YeLuo found volcanic fiery growing, determined to destroy. He lied to Zhan Feng that killing the murderer of the flying sky is fierce mirror. Zhan Feng and Lie RuGe break up. Lie RuGe meet Yin Xue son, Yin Xue son love Lie RuGe, dedication to protect the song. Zhan Feng misunderstood An YeLuo, killing the bright mirror, blaming the thunder door. Fiery volcano Housekeepers wave that year involved in the case of baby drop out, the inner repentance, reveal the truth to Zhan Feng. Zhan Feng realizes that he has killed his own father, a bright mirror, and he is determined to revenge on An YeLuo. Lie RuGe teamed up with Zhan Feng, Yu ZiHan and Yin Xue to unify An YeLuo. Since then, the underground palace disappeared, people live a stable life & nbsp ;.

Plot Summary>>

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