Game of hunting(TV)[2017]
Game of hunting(TV)[2017]
Game of hunting(TV)[2017]

Game of hunting(TV)[2017]

Episode: 58 Area: China
Stars: Ge Hu Renzi Jian Lung Chan More>> Language: Mandarin
Director: Wei Jiang Year: 2017
Writer: Wei Jiang Genre: Urban drama | Business War | Romance | Workplace film
Producer: Zhang Jingchu

《Game of hunting》Episodes

Zheng QiuDong Zheng QiuDong is a person who perseveres for his dreams. With the help of his friend Lao Bai and his girlfriend Luo YiRen, his career has been gradually improved, and Zheng QiuDong did not want the sudden death and the overnight defeat of his career, QiuDong is not willing, angry and powerful, and with the help of Luo YiRen, to weather the storm, Zheng also Luo YiRen feelings, but unfortunately the two fate did not, unfortunately pass. The passage of time, the emergence of Lin Bai, Zheng QiuDong brought extraordinary opportunities, and Zheng QiuDong integrity-based principle, so Lin Bai more admiration. By chance, Zheng QiuDong found his opponent Yuan Kun instant success, ready to use extremely unruly means to achieve their goals, and Zheng QiuDong in the face of their own integrity and conscience can not tolerate Yuan Kun will bring harm to others, so by various means to stop Yuan Kun corrupt behavior, and friends together side by side to face the setbacks and difficulties, and Zheng QiuDong also because of pure, noble and honest credo, won Luo YiRen's enterprising and career glory.

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